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What NOT to do in Photography!

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Photography is an art that takes a lot of time to get close to perfection. Becoming a better photographer doesn’t happen overnight. The most important skill of a successful photographer is to know what not to do! Below listed are some of the common things not to do in photography:

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Do not crop everything later

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Why crop later when you can crop in camera? Before clicking the shutter, compose the shot the way you want it to look. Doing this saves a lot of time in editing the photo later. This also encourages you to think more creatively about your composition.

Wasting time thinking about the gear

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Having the latest photographic gear is indeed important. However, that is not everything! Many newbies in photography believe having the “best” camera is the only thing required to take the best photos. Remember that it is the photographer that takes the photos but NOT the camera.

Don’t forget to break the rules

There many rules in photography that are taught in photography courses. You will encounter even more rules when you start exploring. There are some good rules and great guidelines for beginners to start photography.

However, at some point in time, you may feel that you should break the rules and when you feel so, break them. Because the more you experiment, you make, the better your life is going to be!

Don’t ignore to copyright your work

It is always advisable to copyright your original work for obvious reasons. Any experienced photographer would know the importance of protecting their hard work. It is how photographers get recognition for their work and that is how photographers get the financial benefits. Copyrighting also avoids efforts to duplicate your work, safeguarding the original creator’s future monetary earnings and it helps in gaining fame!

These are some of the many unsaid rules in photography! If you wish to learn more about how to take photos and can’t fix time to join a photography course, Hamstech’s weekend photography course is your go-to place! Hamstech is providing a 1-year weekend photography course for the ones who can’t manage time to attend regular photography courses.

The students enrolled for this course get the opportunity to participate in workshops and exhibitions for practical training. Not just this, the students also get a chance to learn from ace Hindi cinema photographer Avinash Gowariker. If you wish to refine your photography skills, enrol in Hamstech’s weekend photography course today!

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