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Which to Choose: Graphic Designing or Web Designing?

Being two different techniques of digital art, graphic designing and web designing are often confused for each other and synonymously used. However, both of these design fields are very different.

Web designing broadly covers the various processes involved in creating and maintaining a website such as a web page layout, interface design, and search engine optimization. Graphic designing was initially a subset of web designing, but soon created its own identity and demand in the market. Simply put, graphic designing refers to a process of communicating ideas visually with the help of images, symbols, and graphic illustrations and has nothing to do with web applications.

If you are keen to make your career as a digital designer and are confused to opt for graphic design course or a web designing training, it is important for you to know these vital differences between both the courses. This will give you the freedom of creativity.

Use of Visual Elements – More Powerful in Graphic Designing

If your major interest of design lies in playing with bold colours, then graphic designing is the field for you. Graphic designing is more about creating a stronger visual impact on the user; relying on bright colours, improved fonts, and more performance-oriented graphics than web designing. As the whole idea of a good graphic design is to put across the message by combining various visual elements in combination, you as a graphic designer get the liberty to choose a powerful colour, fonts and graphics. Web designers are often subjected to SEO rules while creating a design layout.

Presentation Medium: Better in Graphic Designing

A large number of graphic design courses these days are making use of material media, such as paper, cloth and similar materials to help students understand how to use different mediums to present a strong message to the audience and create a varied impression. When it comes to web designing, the screen is the only medium of presentation.

Demand for the Profession: Larger Demand for Graphic Designers

Thanks to social media, which has given businesses platforms to promote themselves. With this, the demand for a Graphic Designer has increased like never before. Corporates are in a constant requirement of digital marketing creatives, banners, posters and other print material. On a rough estimation, most companies prefer to have the double of graphic designers than of web designers. Considering this growing demand of this creative profession, colleges in Hyderabad are adding graphic designing to their course list.

Summing up, enroling in the best graphic design courses in Hyderabad will help you unleash your designing potentials and build your career, without any restrictions to your creativity.

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