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Who Hires a Chartered Accountant?

In the corporate world, there are a few professional titles that get as incomparable honour and significance as a Chartered Accountant. When it comes to financial management, planning and forecasting, the capability and capacity that a Chartered Accountant exhibits is unparallel.


Chartered accounting is more than just another prospective career to consider. Once you are informed about the roles and responsibilities of a Chartered Accountant, you can, for real, assess the power and position this career option holds.


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To become a Chartered Accountant, the aspirants should be majorly motivated by the urge to form a strong base for an enterprise. This largely involves the financial aspect. However, the foresight of an aspirant applies to a company’s affairs holistically, defining a company’s future.


As you may have already guessed, this means that a whole spectrum of corporate entities is looking for a Chartered Accountant to be their strategic planner. It is because of this, an inter-CA foundation course is known to offer great prospects that can be achieved with hard work and dedication.


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If you have just graduated from school and planning to become a Chartered Accountant, you will have to start with a CA foundation course. This is the course that you can qualify for with just an undergraduate degree. In this course, you get trained in all the basic subjects such as Accounting, Business Law, Statistics and Business Economics. Hamstech, a highly recommended training institute among CA institutes in Hyderabad for IPCC, gives you industry-level coaching with one-on-one problem-solving classes.


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To put perspective on the importance and ever-flourishing prospects of a Chartered Accountant, we will need to take a look into the scope of their job opportunities in India:


  • Chartered Accounting freshers can enroll in Chartered Accounting firms. This is one way to go ahead. A CA practitioner in India can expect a salary that can go above Rs. 3 lacs per month.
  • Tech companies and IT firms are more than willing to employ Chartered Accountants to get assisted in managing and planning their financial sphere. The payment packages are some of the most amazing in the industry too!
  • The campus placements of Chartered Accountants by public sector enterprises are pretty consistent and promising for good talents. The salary packages with such PSUs can be above Rs. 6 lacs per month!


There are great career prospects in Chartered Accounting for talented candidates. Hamstech, a creative institute with 26+ years of experience in teaching, welcomes such talents to join its CA Foundation course to lay their path to a promising career.


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