Indian recipes are the best recipes to treat yourselves. That too with potatoes? Need not to say about those yummy cravings. Recipes like Aloo mutter, aloo gobi, aloo paneer are best known for spicy and flavoursome and delish. Here are the best yummy recipes of potatoes to give a try and treat yourselves. Ever wondered […]

Imagine a hot crispy sizzling Dosa waiting for you to put down your hunger pangs. Started cravings for hot dosa? Here we go with different varieties of dosa to try and fill your stomach with yummy dosas. Ever wondered about recreating recipes of various types of dosa? You can create and recreate much more yummy […]

Life is too short for boring food. Awaken your taste buds with these delicious Indian recipes. You don’t always need a fork to eat yummy cooked food. Just a roti with some spicy delicious curry or just a simple rice dish and a dessert for the finishing touch will give your tummy a great satisfying feel and […]