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    Professional Chefs are always in demand & the field is beaming with opportunities. With the right training, you will learn over 7 types of cuisines & more than 50 recipes of entrees, snacks & main-course meals. To become a successful chef, from preparing glorious 7-course meals to presenting the delicacies to make it look appealing – you have to ace it all. Since there is so much to learn to become a professional in this field, it is important that you choose a college & a course that fulfills your needs. Hamstech, with its experience of over 28 years in the field of creative education, is known as one of the next institutes to learn Professional Cooking. With our carefully-curated courses, you will master this artistic field. Our course is perfect for beginners or if you want to improve your Cooking, plating or food styling abilities.

    Duration: 3 months

    Course Content


    • Culinary History
    • International (French, Chinese, Middle-Eastern, Mexican)
    • Indian
    • Aims & Objectives of Cooking:
    • Methods of Cooking
    • Flavour & Seasoning
    • Basic Food Preparation (Soups, Salads, Sauces, Eggs)
    • Basics Principles of Food Production
    • Packaged Food
    • Culinary Nutrition
    • Menu Planning
    • Kitchen Management
    • Department Hierarchy in a Gist
    • Planning, Purchasing, Food Cost
    • Understanding Various Equipments & Maintenance
    • Hygiene, Safety, Waste Management
    • Food Entrepreneurship
    • Marketing, Financial Management & Planning
    • Operations & Strategy
    • Media & Communications/Networking
    • Concept development, Branding & Operations
    • Testing Ideas & Defining the Market
    • Packaging & Logistics
    • Sourcing Ingredients, Manufacturing, Sales & Service
    • Understanding the Financials
    • Prerequisite to Start A Business & Other Govt. Regulations

    Practical Classes

    • Indian Restaurant Food
    • Italian Cuisine
    • Mexican Cuisine
    • Thai Cuisine
    • Indo Chinese
    • Keto & Vegan Dishes
    • Bottled & Packaged food (Demo Class Only)

    Career Opportunities

    The Culinary Arts Course prepares students to pursue careers such as:

    • Professional Chef
    • Foodpreneur
    • Owner of a Cloud Kitchen
    • Restaurant Owner
    • Manufacturer and Retail Owner of Packaged Food.