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    If you love spending time in the kitchen & creating exquisite delicacies from around the world, Hamstech is the perfect fit for you. Our Culinary Arts courses can help you build the perfect career. You can choose from our Professional Cooking & Baking. Since there is so much to learn to become a professional in this field, it is important that you choose a college & a course that fulfills your needs and presents you with the best of opportunities. Hamstech Institute, with its experience of over 28 years in the field of creative education, is ranked as one of the best Culinary Arts colleges in India. With our carefully-curated courses, you will master this artistic field. Our course is perfect for beginners who wish to become professional chefs and for amateurs looking to improve their Culinary skills like cooking delicacies, baking desserts, icing cakes, plating dishes or perfecting your food styling abilities. Hamstech has yielded over 30,000 students with successful careers as working professionals and entrepreneurs. Our expert faculty is one of the top reasons for our success. We believe that everyone is creative in their own way and that creativity should be encouraged in every way, shape or form.

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    Culinary Arts is a passion that most people have but very few get the chance to turn it into a career. This may be due to lack of training, exposure or experience. Hamstech is here to help you turn your passion for cooking or baking into a successful and viable career. With our courses in cooking and baking, you can become a master in culinary arts & kick-start your dream career through our culinary training. We offer courses in Professional Cookery to help you learn over 50 recipes from cuisines all over the world, like Indian, Italian, Thai and even recipes fit for Keto & Vegan diets. This course can help you follow your dream of becoming a chef and will open a world of professional opportunities for you. You can work at a restaurant or start your own restaurant or cloud kitchen, the opportunities are endless. Our Baking courses will help you master various techniques involved in baking and learn more than 50 new recipes for various baked goods. Learn how to decorate the dishes and plate them to maximise their appeal. You will also get a chance to practice various culinary methods & techniques like icing, decorating & more. This course will give you the opportunity to become a Patisserie Chef, Cake Stylist, Dessert Specialist and more. The potential here is endless! So grab this opportunity and make your dreams a reality with Hamstech’s Culinary Arts Courses.


    Courses offered in CULINARY ARTS


    Baking is a globally-popular professional field which is booming and in huge demand. With the right kind of Baking courses, you will learn to bake over 50 recipes of cakes, pastries, doughnuts and so much more..… Read More>>>


    Professional Chefs are always in demand & the field is beaming with opportunities. The people’s love for food never dies & the demand for professional and well-trained chefs is always on the rise... Read More>>>


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      Our course prepares you to become a:

      • Professional Chef
      • Foodpreneur
      • Cake Stylist
      • Owner of a Cloud Kitchen
      • Dessert Specialist
      • Restaurant Owner
      • Artisan Bread Specialist


      Q & A


      What career opportunities can I have after this course?


      A. With this course, you will be equipped to start a career as a professional chef for restaurants or even start your own food business.


      How will Hamstech help me in starting my own food business?


      A. With Hamstech’s Professional Cookery Course, you get entrepreneurial training. This will help you in understanding the various requirements for starting your own food business.

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      Why should I learn Professional cookery when I can get the recipes from Youtube?


      A. At Hamstech, you get to learn so much more than just recipes. We will help you learn all about kitchen management, food packaging, styling & even entrepreneurship classes to start your own business.

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