Interior Designing Courses
Interior Designing Courses
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    Interior Designing Courses

    Interior Design is a highly competitive field and no wonder interior designing courses are the most popular areas of study among the modern youth. To grasp the knowledge of any field, you need to start from scratch and who is better than Hamstech College, one of the best colleges for interior design with 30+ years of experience to help you?

    Hamstech College specialises in creative courses and is a top interior designing college in Hyderabad. With the help of its professional and expert faculty, has helped over 32,000 students to chart their course into promising careers in non-conventional and creative fields. Our vision is to help you start your own business and to give you a sense of recognition and accomplishment.

    Interior Designing College in Hyderabad


    Our interior designing course imparts knowledge on anything and everything related to interior design such as, from creating the framework of spaces to choosing the right colours and materials for each area and styling them beautifully. Regular seminars and workshops are conducted by top professionals from the industry like Shabnam Gupta, etc.

    Not only do our interior designing courses in Hyderabad hone the skills of the beginners but also of those who want to get better at planning, designing and decorating abilities. From young minds to professionals, our aim is to serve everyone.

    Types of Interior Designing Courses Offered


    You can imagine yourself as the protagonist of a play and Hamstech interior Designing Institute as the magical land you are about to enter. Be prepared to get spellbound by the courses offered and learn interior designing with some of the best. Check out our interior designing course details below and find the perfect course for you.

    Ba hons in interior design

    BA (Hons) Interior Design

    A three-year graduation program that will escalate your skills to a new level with regular seminars and workshops conducted by top professionals from the industry.… Read More>>>

    diploma in interior design

    Diploma in Interior Design

    This 2-year program at Hamstech College will help you understand the various aspects and learn all about beautifying spaces…. Read More>>>

    certificate course in interior design

    Certificate Course in Interior Design

    This 11-month certificate course offers intensive learning at the introductory level. Learn from award-winning faculty and experts.Read More>>>


    Certificate Course in Interior Design

    This 1-year certificate course combines both theoretical as well as practical knowledge to help the career of the students soar high... Readmore>>>

    weekend course in interior

    Weekend Course in Interior Design

    This 1-year program allows you to learn over the weekend through practical training byRead More>>>

    Get Help & Pick Your Favourite Course

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      When learning from great interior designing institutes, you can unlock numerous career opportunities. The career options in the field of interior design are vast and below, you will find a list of a few:

      1) Interior Designer: Interior designers can become experts in the industry by possessing the right skills and creating something new and unique to trend in the present market.

      2) Interior Decorator: The role of an interior decorator is to simply outfit spaces with the items you are favourable to, like – furniture, wall-coverings, accessories, rugs and more.

      3) Furniture Designer: Furniture Designers are responsible for designing furniture and related products for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes that are appealing and functional.

      4) Freelance Interior Designer: Start designing yourself and establish your own brand like that adopted by Sunita Kohli, Shabnam Gupta, etc.

      5) Set Designer: can also be called a scenic designer. They design the scenery in the artificial environment —in which a stage, television or film performance falls out.

      6) Store Window Designer: Store Window Design must consider the overall brand of the store. Retail store design must consider the factors in window displays, furnishings, lighting and flooring to create a specific appeal.


      Do you know? By joining Hamstech Institute of Interior Designing, you will get a chance to be mentored by industry legendary interior designer, Shabnam Gupta herself.

      OUR MENTOR –Shabnum Gupta

      By enrolling in our Interior Design courses, you will get an amazing opportunity to learn under the guidance of one of India’s top ten Interior Designers, Shabnum Gupta. She is known for enhancing homes of Bollywood celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Raveena Tandon, Rani Mukherjee, Parineeti Chopra, Arjun Rampal and many others.

      You will get an insight into this competitive industry & learn all about Interior Designing from her decades of experience.

      Q & A


      Who can pursue our Interior Design courses?


      If you love beautifying re-designing, re-creating, re-arranging and renovating spaces around you. You can definitely join any of Hamstech College’s Interior Designing courses.


      What are the career opportunities I can choose once I complete an Interior Designing course?


      Upon completing our Interior Design course successfully, you can become a Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, Set Designer, Architect, Furniture Designer and a lot more.

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      Are these Interior Design courses Government-recognised?


      Yes, all the courses offered at Hamstech institute are recognised by the government.


      What are the courses offered at Hamstech?


      Hamstech college offers different courses like a 1-year Certificate Course in Interior Design, a 11-Month Certificate Course in Interior Design, a Diploma in Interior Design, a Weekend Course in Interior Design and a BA Hons degree in Interior Design.So, why wait? Check out our Interior Design courses and choose one to start your journey towards a successful career with one of India’s leading Interior Designing Institutes, Hamstech. You can get a wonderful opportunity to work with India’s top designers, labels, magazines, websites or Fashion companies.

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