With more people looking for design-oriented solutions, the scope for creating unique and unusual designs for elements of everyday life has become wider than ever. Designing is the core requirement for setting living and working spaces these days…… Read More>>>

This 2-year Diploma imparts basic skills and awareness in both the general and professional aspects of interior design. It also includes integration of skills of available materials, methods of constructions and the basic elements and principles of design…… Read More>>>

Students pursuing this certificate course are taught the various aspects of interior design in a studio based learning environment. The course is so structured as to equip the students with an advanced concept of design mechanics and principles…… Read More>>>

Through this certificate course, the students get to learn several aspects of Interior Design in a real-time learning environment. This course is designed to equip students with an advanced concept of design mechanics and principles… Read More>>>

This 1-year course helps students, working professionals, homemakers and other enthusiasts in honing their designing skills and learning all about space management. The course also gives students an opportunity to learn through practical training….. Read More>>>