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Photography Courses
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    Photography Degree Courses

    Photography isn’t just about documenting, it’s a means of expression through capturing moments that speak. With the industrialisation and social media evolution, photography has developed itself into a profound profession. Photography courses at Hamstech aim to provide enthusiastic photographers with an experiential learning experience. Our photography degree courses develop your Mind’s Eye and get you out from your regular composition to photo making with geometry and capturing emotion. The photography classes include an industry-endorsed curriculum under the guidance of industry experts and celebrity mentor Avinash Gowariker (Celebrity photographer).

    Photography course College in Hyderabad

    Digital Imaging

    This intense and advanced  BA (Hons.) in photography course aims to transform you not just as a professional photographer but also as a documentarian with its academic rigour that focuses on subjects like portfolio making, equipment handling & processing, event photography, wildlife photography, and much more!.… Read More>>>

    certifacte photography

    The certified professional photography course strives to inculcate the professional instincts of a photographer to capture and conceptualise a moment. Be a part of exciting professional photography classes in Hyderabad and attain the right skill-set & knowledge about photography within just 1 year…. Read More>>>

    short term course photography

    The professional photography course is designed to hone your skills and mould you into a professional photographer in just 3 months…… Read More>>>

    weekend photography

    The 1-Year weekend photography course enables you to master the art of photography & sharpen your skills and is ideal for students, working professionals, homemakers, and other photography enthusiasts…. Read more>>>

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      When learning from top photography institutes, you can unlock numerous career opportunities. The career options in the field of photography is vast and below, you will find a list of a few:

      1)Portrait photographer: Be a personal or celebrity photographer where you capture the personality of a person or group of people by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.

      2) Wildlife photographer: If you are passionate about nature and if wildlife inspires you, wildlife photography is an ideal career option where you can capture the beauty of nature and be recognized for unveiling the characteristics of wildlife.

      3) Photojournalist: Be a part of making history by witnessing and capturing momentous occasions and creating a story with your pictures.

      4) Fashion Photographer: Capture the glamorous world of fashion with your expertise and be the person behind scintillating looks.

      5) Commercial photographer: You can now be a freelancer where you can start your own studio and capture precious moments that are worth it.

      6) Fashion Blogger: Management of an online platform that covers several aspects of fashion is the responsibility of a fashion blogger.

      7) Advertisement photographer: Capture the product and create a picture that sells. This is the most lucrative career where you can display a product that attracts viewers to buy it.


      Do you know? By joining Hamstech Institute for Photography courses, you will get a chance to be mentored by celebrity photographer AVINASH GOWARIKER.


      Avinash Gowariker is one of the most celebrated photographers in Bollywood because of the distinguished contributions he has made through his photographs. He has captured celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Hema Malini, Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha among others.

      He has shot for clients from PETA to D’Décor and editorials for Filmfare and L’Officiel, to name a few. Through Hamstech’s Photography classes, he will share insights into this competitive industry and his experience working with some top brands.

      Q & A


      Who can join Hamstech’s Photography courses?


      Anyone who has a desire to enhance their Photography skills and take perfectly-timed images can enrol in Hamstech College’s Photography courses.


      What are the career opportunities I can choose once I complete a Photography course?


      Upon successful completion of our Photography courses, you can choose to become a Fashion Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Wildlife Photographer, Photojournalist, Wedding Photographer and so much more.

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      Are these Photography courses Government-recognised?


      Yes, all our Photography courses are recognised by the government.


      What are the Photography courses offered at Hamstech?


      Hamstech college offers a range of Photography courses like a Certificate Course in Photography, A short-term course in Photography, a weekend course in Photography and a BA Hons degree in Photography & Digital Imaging.So, why wait? Check out our courses in Photography and choose one to start your journey towards a successful career with the pioneers in creative education, Hamstech College.

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