Fashion design has always been viewed as a glamorous career option. However, fashion is not only about designing garments, it also involves how well you communicate your design ideas. Among the different genres in fashion design, Fashion Communication is the most trending. Considering how important Fashion Communication is, many fashion design institutes have included it […]

What if you get a chance to dress a celebrity for an award function? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s as real as it sounds in a career such as fashion styling. You could not only get to become a celebrity stylist but also choose from a variety of careers such as personal stylist or […]

Here’s the point: if you want to feel India, dress like an Indian. Dressing up is a major part of Indian culture and it reflects the provincial, communal and categorical peculiarities of the population. That’s why, it’s best to learn how to dress in India. As you must be aware, the uniqueness of India comes […]

Times change and the changing fashion trends are often traced to the years that host them. Here’s a new year again that has begun with its own trends that every fashion enthusiast is eager to learn about. With spring arriving soon, the stage is set for a seasonal spectacle of style that hints at how […]

The art of dyeing and printing has been part of Indian culture for centuries. Earlier, colours were derived from plants and animals which were the only source of natural colour. Application of these colours was also used to give texture, increase the durability of the fabric and add an element of interest. Dyeing and printing […]

Clothing as a human invention has evolved from a bare necessity to a highly fashionable accessory made and used by choice, through the centuries. The history of human development has spawned the changing concepts of clothing and fashion from time to time. Studying these periods of change from the fashion perspective has respective relevance to […]

Every changing season signals the time to revamp the wardrobe. Embracing new colours, styles, patterns and jewellery is something to look forward to this season. Refresh your wardrobe by investing in what’s suitable and works best for you. A fashion trend is like a cycle that comes and goes with a few add-ons and outdated […]

These days more and more people are buying garments from an array of online textile stores out there. The culture of netizens is spreading fast and wide! In the changing scenario, common behaviours like shopping are getting new scope and manners. Let’s particularly look at online shopping. It’s so established today that the confidence of […]

In corporate circles, the dress code for office routines, meetings, events and presentations are either prescribed or a particular mode of dressing is appreciated. These formal wears are in fact adapting to new variety and fresh combinations. But the bottom line is that while office wear can be sharp and impactful, it is definitely contributive […]

Shyam Sunder Singh and Vidhisha Gujjar, Hamstech’s talented students earned a remarkable win at the Oppo Hindustan Times Fresh Face 2017 competition. In a fierce competition with wit, talent and performance dictating the who’s who at the event, the two spirited youngsters showcased the best of their talents. They won the cherished prize with the […]