In a spectacular advancement of its stature as a distinguished fashion design education institute, Hamstech has earned the prestigious official membership in FDCI, the apex body of fashion design in India. Hamstech entered into the field of fashion education in 1992, at a point of time when there was a wide scope for nurturing new […]

‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’ are the 3 W’s trending in the entertainment and fashion industry. It matters most to celebrities who want to create a certain image and get noticed for their fashion sense. Have you ever wondered who the actual person behind all these looks and style is? It’s none other than a fashion […]

Every changing season signals the time to revamp the wardrobe. Embracing new colours, styles, patterns and jewellery is something to look forward to this season. Refresh your wardrobe by investing in what’s suitable and works best for you. A fashion trend is like a cycle that comes and goes with a few add-ons and outdated […]

These days more and more people are buying garments from an array of online textile stores out there. The culture of netizens is spreading fast and wide! In the changing scenario, common behaviours like shopping are getting new scope and manners. Let’s particularly look at online shopping. It’s so established today that the confidence of […]

The history of fabrics can be traced back to the 18th century where India was known as the main textile hub. Different types of fabrics were woven, embellished and dyed to enhance their appearance. The textile industry in India is the second most employment-generating industry. Indian fabrics are in high demand all over the world. […]

Like a dream come true, Rachna Kimtee found a big leap in her fashion design journey when she bagged the opportunity to showcase her collections in the India Fashion Week that took place on November 12, 2017 in London. Rachna is a talented and enterprising fashion student from Hamstech, with fashion designing ideas that gained […]

Fashion is a lot fun to work on, and it starts from something so basic an activity in fashion designing like stitching. The art of stitching is so varied and the craft has a history of craftsmen inventing their own unique styles. Fashion designing institutes teach this craft in detail through its courses. When you […]

The main objective of an educational institute is to train, evaluate and give opportunities to students to prove their mettle. Likewise, Hamstech institute of Creative Education offers an incredible opportunity to its fashion designing students to display their creativity through fashion shows. This year, the Hamstech Fashion Show is to be held on 24th September […]

India is a huge reservoir of glamour, talent, and creativity. Over the last two decades, fashion education has taken a huge leap and India has become one of the leading countries of emerging designers. Among the many renowned designers today, Mrs. Neeta Lulla, a legendary designer has secured a special place in the fashion industry […]

“Jai Bharat”: A short slogan that commemorates a century long struggle for the freedom of India’s soul and soil from foreign oppression. The word “Khadi” echoed well with the emotion behind this struggle. People devoted themselves to India’s freedom; taking to this initiative helmed by Mahatma Gandhi. To affirm India’s soul-searching efforts in the wake […]