There’s a deep connection between fashion and art. Today, art is no more confined to just walls and canvases. Paintings are now featured on garments and accessories as well. From portraits to landscapes, every type of painting is made a part of the garment’s design. Some of the most common garments such as skirts, tops, […]

A tie is considered as a must-have accessory in a man’s wardrobe. It comes very handy for various occasions such as a party, formal meeting or an interview. When paired right, it can instantly glam up the look. Today, there are many fashion designing brands that have come up with amazing designs and styles. Ties […]

This year will only go better for the amazing Indian fashion scene, rich with talent and big names that echoes around the world. The top designers of the Indian fashion scene has a lot more to present, bringing the affluence of Indian traditional designs or their fusion avatars to the main stage. The maestros of […]

How do you choose the best garment to wear? Are you often dissatisfied with matching readymade garments to your body size and type? Ask a fashion designer, and he/she will guide you into a very reliable manner of making a choice of attires. Here, we will discuss the same. To decide what suits you most, […]

What if you get a chance to dress a celebrity for an award function? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s as real as it sounds in a career such as fashion styling. You could not only get to become a celebrity stylist but also choose from a variety of careers such as personal stylist or […]

The style statement made by jackets is so pronouncing that it complements the “live free” attitude of the young as well as “memories are me” attitude of the matured. Jackets are not just part of Western wear but have their variants even in Indian fashion. But in all, that extra layer of style statement helps […]

Draping is an art and forms an important aspect of designing. When a garment is draped on a structure, it must express fall, fluidity and fold.Romans inherited the love of draping garments from the Etruscans and Greek culture. Since then draping has been followed as a costume tradition in the Roman culture. Romans were distinctively […]

Fashion designing is a lucrative career with immense scope for progress. In such a career, creativity is the primary requirement, followed by skill and hard work. The youth today is more inclined towards a creative career. Keeping pace with them are the fashion design institutes that impart training in the subject. Standing tall among such […]

Only in India, you connect with a historic cultural heritage in textiles like Khadi. Many more indigenous textile art forms grace our daily lives and its cherished occasions, that we mostly take for granted. If you really delve into assessing the vastness of Indian textile art forms, you’ll be amazed by some facts, especially about […]

The history of fabrics can be traced back to the 18th century where India was known as the main textile hub. Different types of fabrics were woven, embellished and dyed to enhance their appearance. The textile industry in India is the second most employment-generating industry. Indian fabrics are in high demand all over the world. […]