One in four women is a victim of heinous crimes such as rape, molestation, domestic abuse and acid attacks. Most women are unable to voice it out and thus continue to face these issues on a regular basis. In the most recent times, many individuals, organisations and corporate entities have been actively working to create […]

Rape, physical abuse, female foeticide, lack of education among women, etc. are sadly still prevalent in countries like India. These are serious issues that almost every woman faces but is mostly mum about it. Women who have been facing these problems but are unable to stand up for themselves finally find a ray of hope. […]

Majority of Indian women love dressing in Indian traditional attire. The traditional attires include sarees, lehengas, kurtis, salwar-suits, dhotis, etc. In most Indian festivals and functions, women are often seen in ethnic attire as it represents the rich Indian culture. However, when it comes to dressing to work, many organisations insist on ‘formal wear’. Employees […]

It is rightly said that beauty lies in the details. So is it in fashion design. Any designer garment will have its minute details and features well thought of and implemented; from buttons to threads and labels to motifs. In fashion designing, details play a crucial role in making the total look appealing and congruent. […]

Fashion is a lot fun to work on, and it starts from something so basic an activity in fashion designing like stitching. The art of stitching is so varied and the craft has a history of craftsmen inventing their own unique styles. Fashion designing institutes teach this craft in detail through its courses. When you […]

The main objective of an educational institute is to train, evaluate and give opportunities to students to prove their mettle. Likewise, Hamstech institute of Creative Education offers an incredible opportunity to its fashion designing students to display their creativity through fashion shows. This year, the Hamstech Fashion Show is to be held on 24th September […]

India is a huge reservoir of glamour, talent, and creativity. Over the last two decades, fashion education has taken a huge leap and India has become one of the leading countries of emerging designers. Among the many renowned designers today, Mrs. Neeta Lulla, a legendary designer has secured a special place in the fashion industry […]

“Jai Bharat”: A short slogan that commemorates a century long struggle for the freedom of India’s soul and soil from foreign oppression. The word “Khadi” echoed well with the emotion behind this struggle. People devoted themselves to India’s freedom; taking to this initiative helmed by Mahatma Gandhi. To affirm India’s soul-searching efforts in the wake […]

You may come across many people who are obsessed with Nail Art. It is sometimes so intimidating that you may wonder if it is necessary to spend so much time on the nails. You may see many pictures and videos where people get it so easy with the nail art. When it comes to trying […]

Sustainable fashion is one of the most rapidly spreading movement in the fashion industry. the fast pace at which we all are consuming our natural resources is quite alarming, so much so that even top designers and production houses have decided to realign the manufacturing process starting from every stage. The growing trend has encouraged […]