Fashion is about what you wear & how you present yourself to the world. Especially in today’s times, fashion is a statement, an art, a language of expression. Create your own visual style and let it be unique. You can also make your fashion creation into a profession as Fashion Designing by becoming a Fashion […]

A salwar suit is a fashion outfit that exists in every woman’s wardrobe. In the present fashion designs there are various styles and designs of salwar suits. To update your wardrobe with new trending styles of salwar suits go through with the article and knowledge with the trendy fashion designs of Salwar suits. Designing an […]

Pleated skirts are trendy and look great when worn. Every girl’s wardrobe has a pleated skirt that might be long or short. Depending upon the mood you can pair this with whatever you want, as it goes good with anything. But most of us don’t even try pairing it with others. For those here are […]

Designer clothing is tasteful and unique, so it’s only natural that all of us would love to own a creation or two. More often than not, designer wear is expensive, which makes it a far-fetched option. It doesn’t have to be like that, there is so much about the fashion design industry that you don’t […]

Garment making might seem like a pretty simple field on the outside, that’s a total misjudgment. Garment making when combined with aesthetics and design, you have got yourself a field of study called fashion designing. Now, this is a pretty interesting subject to invest your time in! You’ll be seeing so many fashion designers, fashion […]

Fashion designing colour schemes involves a lot of different processes and techniques. These vary depending on your design and the thought process behind it. But if there is one thing that you cannot take out of garment making, it’s the colours! They are everywhere. It doesn’t matter what style, design and silhouette you choose for […]

We all know about the world of fashion designing, thanks to social media! We see designer wear being flaunted by celebrities, sport stars, socialites and business tycoons alike. There isn’t any popular event without luxurious fashion designer labels making an appearance. Well even though all of that might look expensive and out of reach, designer […]

Colours are just lovely and there are so many possible combinations out there. Colours are a huge part of the fashion designing process, there are always new colour palettes every season which set the tone for the upcoming fashion year. Even after having so many colours, there is always the possibility of creating new hues. […]

All professions have a typical day-to-day schedule for them that include projects, assignments, meetings and conferences depending on their work. Fashion designing happens to be a very eventful field where, apart from your everyday work, you’ll have to keep jumping between things from time to time. Fashion designers have a lot to do too and […]

Fashion Designing is a vast area with a lot of unique specialisations. One of the most common and popular ones being garment/apparel design. Now apparel is nothing but clothing, different types of it! We see clothes around us every day and they are an essential part of our daily life. They are further sorted into […]