Winter and Christmas come as a deadly combination. In this season, you either choose to look good or to freeze to death. At a family Christmas party, however, we can often compromise on the attire and neglect to look great just by roaming around in a set of sweatshirts and sweatpants, believing it’s family – […]

As you know, the fashion industry is the most dynamic sector in history, as the most tweeted trend, today becomes an outdated idea in no time. To keep up with such an ever-changing environment, it is necessary for any fashion designer to keep themselves updated. Choosing a reputed fashion designing weekend courses in Hyderabad should […]

There are many ways to give a distinct look to a garment. Colour, texture, print and pattern are some of the most commonly used techniques to highlight a garment. Pattern making is an important aspect of fashion design subject. With the help of pattern making, a garment can be crafted into any desired shape. A […]

Fusion can be a great opportunity for creating a unique fashion statement. The combinations of spectacular Indian wear with Indian flavours of colours, art and patterns can well be matched amazingly with Western wear. In Indian fashion designing, the trend of fusion has not only been a direction taken by designers to innovate, but also […]

This year will only go better for the amazing Indian fashion scene, rich with talent and big names that echoes around the world. The top designers of the Indian fashion scene has a lot more to present, bringing the affluence of Indian traditional designs or their fusion avatars to the main stage. The maestros of […]

Draping is an art and forms an important aspect of designing. When a garment is draped on a structure, it must express fall, fluidity and fold.Romans inherited the love of draping garments from the Etruscans and Greek culture. Since then draping has been followed as a costume tradition in the Roman culture. Romans were distinctively […]

Wedding bells remind everybody of cheer, camaraderie, new beginnings, and fashion! It’s more so when it’s a celebrity wedding, in which costumes at every stage of the wedding event are designed by the best creative professional minds out there. The hype around celebrity weddings makes waves easily in the media. So will the names of […]

In the fashion designing process, every individual plays an influential role in creating fashion trends. Right from the designer and stylist to the celebrities, every individual serves as the perfect muse in influencing popular fashion. In the words of famous German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop, “Fashion is about Suspense, Surprise & Fantasy. It’s not about […]

Every challenge to prove skill, talent and knowledge comes as a real opportunity for the strong-willed and the passionate. The Liva Protégé ’17 presented just the right platform for the budding fashion designers from all over India to join, design and showcase their creations to prove their mettle. Interestingly, the competition saw over 120 fashion […]

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”. Anthony J. D’Angelo, VP of Sales and Marketing at InterTrade Systems Inc. thus beautifully expresses the importance of education and learning. Following the new educational system and implementing the new methodologies, Hamstech Institute of Creative Education has always attempted to provide […]