“Jai Bharat”: A short slogan that commemorates a century long struggle for the freedom of India’s soul and soil from foreign oppression. The word “Khadi” echoed well with the emotion behind this struggle. People devoted themselves to India’s freedom; taking to this initiative helmed by Mahatma Gandhi. To affirm India’s soul-searching efforts in the wake […]

Sustainable fashion is one of the most rapidly spreading movement in the fashion industry. the fast pace at which we all are consuming our natural resources is quite alarming, so much so that even top designers and production houses have decided to realign the manufacturing process starting from every stage. The growing trend has encouraged […]

Jeans are one of the most versatile outfits that have been reigning for decades now. Considered as a quintessential outfit, jeans have greatly evolved in the past few years. They are no more just a casual wear but have elevated to an everyday outfit. Imagine if you could wear an outfit that is creatively styled […]

What exactly do you understand by the term ‘dyeing and printing’? When you look around, every fabric is either dyed or printed. Be it the clothes you wear on a daily basis or the upholstery at home, everything has a splash of colour and print on it. Dyeing and printing is known to be an […]

Hamstech Institute had its tryst with creative education in 1992. Since then, in 25 years, the institute heralded the scene of creative education in Hyderabad. It set a standard in industry-level training that is coveted by many. Based in Hyderabad, Hamstech pioneered the advent of professional courses like Fashion Designing Degree. It opened the career […]