Indian fashion scene is definitely more than just traditional wear. It also includes a range of Indo-western wear, which has seen a rise in trend. This innovation has changed the preferences of many and merger appreciated by women across the country. The dynamic trends in fashion has increased the demand of professional stylists. You can […]

People often choose fusion outfits as regular wear and party wear outfits. This combination is one of the best fashion trends that is followed by many. The best thing about fusion fashion is that the options available are endless. But, it is important to choose the perfect combinations. You can learn some of the best […]

People love to style themselves according to their preferences. However, sometimes the garments that you love might not be in sync with the occasion you are dressing for. You must have several things in your closet that are longer in use. You might have become bored of their Fashion Design patterns or they are out […]

Everyone loves wearing and styling Lehengas. The way you wear your dupatta is what makes a difference. Lehenga dupattas are flowy and add great value to the outfit as a whole. The ways in which you can style a dupatta also depends on its design. Some heavily embroidered lehengas have simple dupattas, while simple lehengas […]

It’s time to check Fashion Styling trends of the year. If you are excited to explore what’s in store for you, read ahead and get the sense of the looks that people are fascinated with these days. If you are already taking Fashion Styling training, this will help you keep up-to-date with the ever-changing fashion. […]

The glamour and shine that we see in the celebrity outfits make us want to own garments just like them. They bask in the limelight, looking elegant and prim. Did you know that these celebrities started off as amateurs in styling just like you? It was somebody with Fashion Styling training who applied their skills […]

We agree that everyone has their own way of getting ahead in a styling career. But that’s the beauty of it! Though there are certain well-identified ways of advancing and finding your break in a Styling career, every story has a unique story. Most of them start with a Fashion Styling certificate program. They have […]

Want to know how you can look smarter and more stylish? Choosing the right bottom wear is a part of the process. If you underwent Fashion Styling training, you would know how to choose the best bottom wear that complements a particular top and gives you a great appearance! Bottoms for women come in a […]

A budget is subjective. What might be savings for one, can be expenditure for the other. Having a classic wardrobe that is comfortable, sophisticated and trendy is a task. Updating a wardrobe is essential for Fashion Styling. The wardrobe update should be on a budget and still have everything you may need. Here are 4 […]

Every woman comes across a point in life when she gets bored of her long hair and chops it off. However, the sad reality is that they often struggle to style their short hair. You can learn about hair styling with a Fashion Styling Course. Are you struggling to style your short hair too? Then […]