With a raise in the standard of living, you have a chance to choose the desired career choice as per your interest. With the rapid growth in technology, the convenience to access to gain knowledge has become very easy for everybody on mobile! Mobile devices are commonly used by everyone in the world for different […]

How to become a professional makeup artist? Makeup artist might be the right career path for those who have created the smokey eye and tell what colour lipstick would look great on someone based on their complexion. Are you the same? To build a career in makeup artistry, start by developing your abilities. Develop the […]

Now, the convenience and access to the pleasure of gaining knowledge is easy to access for everybody on mobile! Mobile devices are commonly used today to gain skilful and creative stuff. Just as a stack of communication and data management apps for a professional environment; likewise, Hamstech App is to serve the purpose of education […]

What does a Fashion Stylist do? Actors, musicians, business executives and more often wanted to look exceptionally sharp and they do. The secret behind it is their wardrobe was compiled by a professional fashion stylist. If you think that can make other people look great with your skills, then a fashion stylist career suits best […]

Wondering what are the different types of makeup looks and what suits perfect for you? To keep you well on your way, below we have a makeup types list. Let’s have a quick glance on how many types of makeup exist and what are the different types of makeup for weddings. Also, understand what the […]

There are a lot of things to learn in the Professional Makeup Artist Course to become a good makeup artist. The makeup industry is one that continues to grow and so does the demand for professionals. If you are passionate about beauty and definitely want to make a career out of it by making people […]

Fashion Styling is an art, a window to your personality that you can unlock with fashion styling courses and learn a language of what you are and how you present yourselves to the world. ‘Style’ is something that already exists in all of us, but all we need to do is detect and turn it […]

Fashion designing is one of the most prevalent courses in the modern era. It has gained popularity over the years owing to the success of the fashion industry. There are many emerging fashion designers who are on the lookout for a perfect fashion designing course, that’s relevant and is structured based on the industry requirements. […]

We have already talked about all the efforts that we can put in towards owning a sustainable wardrobe. There are many pieces of clothing we own that are basic. These are perfect for our day to day usage. We don’t have to pre-plan our looks with these garments, just throw them on and rush out […]

Designer clothing is tasteful and unique, so it’s only natural that all of us would love to own a creation or two. More often than not, designer wear is expensive, which makes it a far-fetched option. It doesn’t have to be like that, there is so much about the fashion design industry that you don’t […]