Hamstech fashion show is back to display the ultimate fashion. Hamstech fashion show is a showcase of ‘The Vogue Spectra’ – an explicit everyday collection of fashion. Firstly, every fashion student for sure will require a strong platform to exhibit individual talent and one such platform is the annual fashion show hosted by Hamstech, wherein […]

Latest Fashion Events! The first thing that comes to you when you hear about a fashion event is a great fashion show! Admit it? And it’s all about stylish footwear on the runway in excellent garments. But have you ever imagined what all is going right into a fashion show event? Probably not. Dive in […]

When we think of fashion shows, the first thing that comes to our mind is glamorous models walking the runway in splendid garments. But have you ever imagined what all goes into a successful fashion show? Probably not! Fashion shows have always had the reputation of hosting great talent and mind-blowing creativity of fashion designers. […]

The main objective of an educational institute is to train, evaluate and give opportunities to students to prove their mettle. Likewise, Hamstech institute of Creative Education offers an incredible opportunity to its fashion designing students to display their creativity through fashion shows. This year, the Hamstech Fashion Show is to be held on 24th September […]

Fashion is something that’s enjoyed by men and women alike. The love for fashion can easily transform even a drab dress into a stunning ensemble. Being a fashion enthusiast, I embrace fashion like nobody else. I’ve always loved to maintain a capsule wardrobe, considering the compact space I live in. Coming to my education, I […]