India is the home for one of the most graceful and simplest feminine attire; the saree. Saree has been the part of Indian tradition since the earliest days of civilisation. The stupendous variety of saree designs in India inspires fashion enthusiasts and designers across the world. An amazing fact about saree is the number of […]

When you are bubbling with ideas to make your garments look beautiful, make a unique statement or simply be more stylish fabric painting design ideas come in handy.. It makes uninteresting garments come to life. The garment is your canvas and painting, the art with technique. Fabric painting design is all about the motifs you design, […]

The methods of visual merchandising have always been interesting and evolving. They prove that creative ideation and psychological conditioning has always been at the base of a successful strategy for harnessing a strong customer base. Visual merchandising is a pretty straightforward approach that invests highly in the obvious elements of influence; the senses. The psyche […]

Call them Indian curry done in a hurry or a fiery potpourri; some movies have been in the spotlight for the right reasons from a fashion perspective. They may have missed a sensible story or narrative. But the movies we are mentioning below will reveal how fashion designing became a saving grace for them. Evidently […]