“To break the rules you must first know them”, they say. A profound impact can be created after a creative work when it consists of a lot of aesthetic elements. Here are 10 different must-try interior decorations that can create a magical spell in a particular interior space.   Texture   Interior designing is not […]

Today, everything is about expressing a style statement in every step of life. It is to reflect a panache on lifestyle shaping areas like the way we dress up or the kind of place we live in. These are called as lifestyle shaping because they are the two important areas that literally mirror one’s personality. […]

Visualise a bright themed room with dull coloured furniture? Looks drab, doesn’t it? The role of furniture in interior designing is quite important. Many a times furniture alone stands as a style statement for a particular space or home. This is all about remodelling old furniture to pep up your home in a trendy way. […]

For all those who live in a well-furnished, aesthetically pleasing homes today, did you once upon a time believe taking up the challenge to revamp your house would be easy? Did you believe you will actually start to love the new colour of your windows so much? Don’t you think adding the multi-purpose table and […]

Indian style stands apart in any vertical of art and décor. Stretching from North to South and East to West, traditional indigenous Indian homes have so much to get inspiration from. There is a little place for curiosity to find those traditional homes in this new era of city landscaping. Don’t sigh, as those homes […]

The challenges for a software that allows you to plan and design interiors for your home or office are tough. But fortunately, the techies have broken through and come up with mobile and web applications that allows you to design and decorate interiors like a pro. Mobile devices are used today as a platform for […]

A furniture is more than just about the raw necessity or desirable comfort. we always try setting our furniture with some embellishment and plush. Being an integral part of the appearance and content of an interior, giving away strong impressions to guests about your stature and character, furniture makeover comes naturally as your necessity considering […]

There’s a space in the domain of lifestyle that has people conflicted about materialism. The scenario apparently brings up the excess that is filling homes with stuff and heads going “Enough!”. In such dire times, minimalism comes to save the day, preaching the salvation in getting junk outside while keeping essentials inside. And it works […]

Celebrities carry their style statement everywhere and surround themselves with people and property that reflects their true tastes and outlook. Being ardent fans of celebrities, we keep a tab on much that goes on in their lives. It’s not uncommon by that measure to notice the dwellings they build or buy and appreciate its appearance […]

Achieving a chic and harmonious look for a home without an interior designer may not be easy. Over the years, it has become a trend for celebrities to hire designers. Interior designer’s  in depth subject knowledge and skills enables them to replicate your ideas into concrete forms. In a creative profession such as interior designing, […]