It’s true that there is a variety of ideas that work just fine when it comes to interior design. The best interior design is a myth as it is in fact about the materialisation of a client’s imagination, purpose and intention. It differs from person to person and hence makes it imperative for an […]

Shabnam Gupta has established an interior design career that has earned her fame and celebrity clients including movie stars. She’s trusted in designing dwellings that radiate with positivity and expressiveness. She’s famous for her approach to interior designing that applies bursts of colours and interesting textures in a unique contemporary design. Her firm, “The Orange […]

In an interior designing context, space can be classified into commercial and residential. In both cases, the focus of space building is essentially about ensuring 3 factors: purpose, functionality and appeal. Interior designing encompasses the concepts and practices that realize the fulfilment of these 3 essential factors. The uniqueness of a spatial design comes from […]

Learning is fun at Hamstech. With us, the students mature in their interior designing skills, given the opportunity to enjoy their learning process. We’d love to share a couple of stories told to us by our interior designing students. Each story would be giving you a glimpse of their experience at Hamstech doing their interior […]

How many of us know or have heard of “interior landscaping”? Maybe just a handful. When we think of landscaping, our thoughts take us outdoors almost immediately. The concept of interior landscaping, just like outdoor landscaping, entails the usage of shrubbery, horticultural plants and all the other natural elements. The main difference is its location. […]

We all wonder about how children play, learn, love and grow! Theirs is the world we wish we could go back to. How about recreating that world within the confines of spaces where they experience life. Are we really putting enough thought and imagination into making a world for the kids to live, love and […]

There’s a lot of penchant and aptitude that goes into being an interior designer.This field is much more than decorating walls, windows and furniture. As demanding as it gets, this creative career requires a designer to have a keen sense of style and sensibility to space. If you have been dreaming of creating aesthetically appealing […]

Interior designing is a lucrative career option that requires professional expertise. Pursuing an interior design course, either as a diploma or degree, shall bring the advantage of certification and systematic training in such a creative domain. Over the years, interior designing has gained popularity because of the growing demand for well-planned and well-designed residential and […]

How often do we use the word ‘Modern’ and ‘Contemporary’ to describe a form of style, never really knowing its true meaning? The terms ‘Modern’ and ‘Contemporary’ are quite often misinterpreted to be the same. But in fact the literal meaning of the word ‘modern’ means a style that existed post World War-I and between […]

Interior designing is a fascinating career, especially for those people who love transforming raw spaces into beautiful rooms. When choosing a creative profession, the first thing that most people think of is Interior Design. There is no doubt that this stream is the most preferred profession by students. Considering the increasing population and space crunch, […]