The real essence of Interior Design is always about people and how they live. A diploma in interior designing is the best way to grasp essential knowledge that can help you build a successful career. It is about the realities of an attractive, civilized and meaningful environment. Generally, we tend to be interested in decorating […]

It is part-desire and part-purpose to design a house. An interior designer takes up the task of having the essential purposes and peripheral requirements of interior design for any space well materialised, with well-implemented logic. This is the stage at which he/she strikes a balance between the art and science of interior designing, creating an […]

Hamstech extends the opportunity to learn Interior Designing to those who cannot afford to make time for pursuing their true passion for design. The institute realises the growing interest of all aspirants who are either taking a step in the direction of interior designing or trying to change their career path. Interior designing is a […]

They say the kitchen is the epicentre of the house. It’s not just a place to cook. This is where you hurriedly start your day and close it with flamboyant stories of the day. Isn’t this enough reason to pay extra attention to your kitchen layouts. If you’re pursuing interior designing courses, you must already […]

In time, your home interior may look aged and dishevelled for the loss of order and need for sheen that you had when it was freshly built. Hence the need for a makeover becomes imminent. In fact, reinvention of interiors is the best thing you could do to make a fresh start in life. Take […]

Any day, a coffee table communion is better than a courtroom drama. Everybody needs to unwind, confide and mingle. What better way of doing it than over coffee? A coffee table brings people together around it to indulge in a good round of coffee and chat. There’s a high relevance of designing a living room […]

If we classify the broad subject of interior design into two, the result would be residential interior designing and commercial interior designing. This classification is based on the application of design theories and practices to create spaces either planned as a residence or a business. Learning more about commercial interior designing makes one proficient in […]

Interior designing classes are a great means to ace your interior. In our last blog you were regaled by the theories of using artificial lighting. But why not focus on those sources of light which are available to us at all times? Yes, we’re talking about the sun and the moon. Most of us estrange […]

We all wonder about how children play, learn, love and grow! Theirs is the world we wish we could go back to. How about recreating that world within the confines of spaces where they experience life. Are we really putting enough thought and imagination into making a world for the kids to live, love and […]

If you are contemplating a fruitful career in Interior Designing and you have a love for creating definitive and elegant spaces, it is most advisable to gain practical as well as academic training from an Interior Designing institute before taking it up as your profession. In the new-age India that we live in, building living […]