While taking a close look at a jewellery piece, have you ever imagined what goes into its making? The creativity of a designer, the skill and precision of a craftsman and the knowledge of metals and stones makes a professional jewellery designer who creates such a piece. Jewellery designing is a vast subject and there’s […]

The times and styles of jewellery design goes through fascinating phases of change. These changes bring about jewellery that has a substance to it, influenced by the particular era and the mindset of people. Of all the jewellery models that we get to see, contemporary and modern jewellery are two distinct categories that are understood […]

There are jeweller art varieties in India that have traditional significance that haven’t faded with time and influx of modernity. The resilience of these jewellery arts come from the unmatched craftsmanship involved in them and the exquisiteness of the resulting jewellery that is irresistibly enchanting. Filigree jewellery is one such jewellery art that has been […]

Business challenges are inevitable as many businesses strive to be the best, thus creating tough competition. Depending on an individual’s potential, a business may either flourish or face tough challenges. Therefore, in order to establish a successful business, an in-depth business knowledge and specialization in a particular field is essential. There are many creative fields […]

Gold is the most common jewellery worn by women, especially Indian women. Be it any festival or occasion, adorning with gold jewellery is a traditional practice as well as a status symbol. Any mention of gold is immediately related to a metal that’s yellow in colour. It’s widely accepted that gold is a very precious […]

Diamonds are one of the most precious things in the world and believed to be the traditional symbol of love. Conventionally a man proposes to the love of his life with a diamond ring. Diamonds are valued high and considered as the heavenly stone by many in the jewellery world. It’s a popular metaphoric practice […]

When you plan to buy jewellery your choices often are not restricted to precious metals or gemstones. You would also like to buy varieties of alternative jewellery made out of materials like terracotta, silk threads, quills, crochet and paper. Sometimes such unconventional jewellry is blended with precious or semi-precious stones that add value to the […]

Jewellery fashion has grown so very liberal that today’s jewellery design revolves around the concept of personalisation and expression of moods, ideas and that typical affirmation of mindset known as “making a statement”. Jewellery is not just about beauty and art but has a deeper meaning and a wide scope for improvisation. A typical jewellery […]

Gemstones have added glitz to jewellery for centuries and are still in vogue as an accessory to beautify ornaments. Today, gemstones are graded and classified by international standards, which ensures that worldwide, consumers can be sure of what they get from a jeweller. Gemstones are worn selectively, often based on zodiac signs. They are available […]

Tradition all over the world has jewellery that are designed, crafted and worn with significance. It’s not hard to realise as even the fancy tattoo that you wear means something to you. Imagine how well defined must have been the symbolism of various types of jewellery that has transcended generations to be crafted and used […]