Do you love taking pictures of random things around you? If yes, you would know that it’s difficult to carry your camera everywhere. So, the easiest option is using a mobile phone. Mobile photography is simple and can give you amazing results. Through Photography weekend courses, you can learn about taking breath-taking shots without compromising […]

Weddings are a huge affair in the country. People spend months in preparations for this big day. There are several pre and post wedding events as well. The families want everything to be photographed to cherish the memories years after. Wedding photography is one of the most rewarding career options in India. You will find […]

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. There are colours all around you and the landscape is breath-taking. Most photographers love this season as they can take some of the best shots that help them build their career. You can improve your abilities of taking some amazing frames with unique perspectives […]

Taking pictures of landscapes may seem simple when you’re surrounded by the beauty of nature. But to get the perfect shot, there’s much more than just pulling out your camera and randomly clicking a few shots. Most people love clicking images of everything they see. For some, Photography is their passion, however, due to their hectic […]

The magnificent architecture we see in most of the cities is a form of art. As we know, Hyderabad is a hub of these artistic buildings. If you want to capture the beauty of these places, you will need brilliant photography skills. From slanting lines that should be photographed straight to finding the right light […]

The night displays the beauty of silence and serenity, the dazzle of lights amidst the dark and sudden cacophony that truly mesmerises everyone. If you step out at night with your camera, you will be able to capture one-of-a-kind frames. Night photography needs a lot of technical knowledge and you can improve this by joining […]

The morning dew and snow clads are some of the best views that winter offers. If you step out to capture nature during winters, you can be certain that your morning shivers will be totally worth it! Through a weekend Photography course, you can improve your clicking abilities without compromising on your regular life. The […]

Creativity is important when it comes to capturing unique frames. There are a lot of subjects that might interest you in photography and clicking water droplets is something you should definitely try. Although this is a challenging subject to shoot, there are some expert tips that will help you capture each drop with ease. To […]

We all see a lot of candid photos throughout our social media newsfeed! They might seem to be easily shot, but taking a perfect one involves a complex process. This includes taking pictures from the correct angle, focusing on the timings and having a lot of patience. For being a pro at candid photography, you […]

Architectural photography interests every beginner. It looks exciting but is equally challenging. You get to travel a lot and view grand architecture from all parts of the world. However, if you cannot capture the beauty and details of the building, your pictures won’t come out well. Most people are passionate to learn this art but […]