It is encouraging for students to occasionally indulge in a creative activity to get a creative boost and chance to gauge their skills. Recently, the students of Fashion Styling course at Hamstech conducted a photo shoot in collaboration with the Photography Department. The photo shoot was themed around the outfits and looks of Indian women […]

India is famous for its rich arts and crafts. Indian embroidery secures a special place in the Indian culture. There are dozens of embroidery styles that are inspired by different states of India. Each comes with its own history and background. Embroidery is done on various fabrics such as cotton, silk, satin, linen, crepe and […]

Fashion designing is a lucrative career with immense scope for progress. In such a career, creativity is the primary requirement, followed by skill and hard work. The youth today is more inclined towards a creative career. Keeping pace with them are the fashion design institutes that impart training in the subject. Standing tall among such […]

Jeans is labelled as the most comfortable and coolest outfit of all times. It is highly impossible not to find a pair in anyone’s closet! Over the years, jeans have grown to become an item of clothing globally worn by people. It is donned by almost every person, men or women, be it labourers, cowboys/cowgirls, students, celebrities, professionals […]

If women are gifts, saree is the most beautiful gift wrap. This line beautifully defines the elegance of this six-yard drape on a woman. Sarees stay first among the traditional attires that make a woman look gorgeous. Saree is an all-time favourite ethnic attire of Indian women. Right from the rural to urban population, women […]

One of India’s unrefuted icons, Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who the nation had the fortune to have as its President, left behind a spark of inspiration for generations to ignite their minds with. In honour of his keen interest and attempts to inspire and guide the youth, his birthday, October 15th was declared as World […]

For a thorough professional, basic functions like sketching and designing with the aid of digital platforms and graphic software is an add-on. Today, in the industry, whatever makes a presentation better like high-quality artwork is accepted with zeal. They are considered as the benchmark in a subject like fashion designing. A fact about fashion design […]

Every student matures into a professional with the opportunity to evaluate and prove his/her skill and mettle. A professional training institute like Hamstech offers a platform, and an opportunity to its students to give their best shot at displaying skill and preparedness to move towards a promising career. The academic calendar of Hamstech Institute has […]

What makes professional education the path builder in your quest for the perfect career? How does an institute truly pave the way to advance your career? We at Hamstech can explain.   Launchpad vs Job Assistance     Professional training is pointless without a commitment to improve the students’ stature from good to better to […]

Hamstech Institute had its tryst with creative education in 1992. Since then, in 25 years, the institute heralded the scene of creative education in Hyderabad. It set a standard in industry-level training that is coveted by many. Based in Hyderabad, Hamstech pioneered the advent of professional courses like Fashion Designing Degree. It opened the career […]