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3 Delicious Traditional Cakes You Will Enjoy Baking!

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There are different cakes that are baked in unique ways across the world. Some are a speciality of one region but popular in several other places. No party or occasion is complete without either or many of these mouth-watering desserts. People of all age love treating themselves with a piece of this delicacy.

You can join cake Baking classes in Hyderabad and learn making different types of cakes from professionals. Here are three traditional cakes that you’ll enjoy baking:

Black Forest Cherry Cake

This cake is traditionally made in the Black Forest region of south-east Germany. It is made with a few layers of chocolate cake separated by cherries and topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and some more cherries for decorative purposes. Through best Baking classes in Hyderabad, you will easily learn to make a black forest cherry cake yourself.

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Pavlova Cake

This meringue cake was created in New Zealand, during famous Russian ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova’s visit. The Pavlova is cooked in different ways; one of the most common being garnished with fruits, kiwis and strawberries. Experts at professional cake baking classes in Hyderabad say that adding corn flour to the traditional meringue ingredients, allows the cake to have a crisp shell that covers a marshmallow-like center.

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Revani Cake

Revani is a moist cake made with semolina, a bit of lemon. Orange syrup is added to enhance the taste and prevent it from drying. This also smoothens the texture of this tasty dish. As there are similarities between the Greek and Turkish cuisines, this cake is made in both places.

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Join Hamstech’s Baking classes in Hyderabad to learn the art of making and decorating a variety of cakes from our expert faculty. Start the journey towards a successful creative career through us and become a professional baker in just 3 months. Enrol now! 

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