A salwar suit is a fashion outfit that exists in every woman’s wardrobe. In the present fashion designs there are various styles and designs of salwar suits. To update your wardrobe with new trending styles of salwar suits go through with the article and knowledge with the trendy fashion designs of Salwar suits. Designing an […]

Pleated skirts are trendy and look great when worn. Every girl’s wardrobe has a pleated skirt that might be long or short. Depending upon the mood you can pair this with whatever you want, as it goes good with anything. But most of us don’t even try pairing it with others. For those here are […]

Selecting jewellery for festive occasions is challenging. Festival is an excellent opportunity to dress up for all those gorgeous looks. This is the time we Indians would like to adapt that traditional and ethnic look. As the festivals are ahead, this is the perfect time we all look for trendy jewellery to spark on festivals. […]

“Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs” is a lovely quote by ‘Frank Chimero’, which describes all about graphic design in a simple sentence, besides inspiring one, it also encourages designers to step up and create unique and great designs. Graphic designers are the narrators behind […]

Imagine a hot crispy sizzling Dosa waiting for you to put down your hunger pangs. Started cravings for hot dosa? Here we go with different varieties of dosa to try and fill your stomach with yummy dosas. Ever wondered about recreating recipes of various types of dosa? You can create and recreate much more yummy […]

Who doesn’t like to enjoy their evenings with yummy snacks? If those are all about crunchy cookies? What will be the best snack other than that? Having those crunchy snacks like baked cookies in the evening with a chit-chat along with your lovable ones. I would say this is the happiest evening of the day. […]

Who doesn’t like getting gorgeous looks without using any harmful chemicals? Obviously we all do. We can dress to perfection and do flawless makeup, but if our hair is dry and frizzy, our whole look will get damaged in the attempts to look glamorous. Every girl’s desire is to have beautiful shiny hair. But every […]

The most awaited event of the year is back. Hamstech’s annual Fashion Show & Exhibition is finally back after a long wait. I’m sure many of you were eagerly waiting for this Fashion Show. Some, to get an update on the latest fashion trends in the market and others to be a part of this […]

When it comes to Wedding or Bridal Makeup, it’s so important to have the best and best look ever. Here begins the real struggle, finding a better and ideal primer, foundation, bronzer, lipstick as the list keeps going on, it gets difficult to choose the finest. But now it’s really not so. I’m here to […]

Every image is different & unique. And there will never be just one rule that applies to all of them. That is why the foremost tool of a Photographer is their own eyes. The colour, texture are the crucial part of culinary arts. Chefs say that we eat with our eyes first, which is absolutely […]