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3 Indoor Pet Photography Ideas for A Great Portfolio

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People love capturing their pets in almost every way they can. But they can be hard to handle in an outdoor set-up. So, it’s a good idea to shoot pictures in a place they are comfortable in and that is indoors. By following simple tips you can capture some amazing frames that will be great for your portfolio.

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Here are three indoor pet Photography ideas for a great portfolio:

Pets in Human Situations

These kinds of pictures of pets are very cute, they are reading, sitting at a table like something is going on, working hard like adults and other things that you can find at home. Just like in the picture of the poker table below, you will see that one of the dogs is holding a cigar. Join Hamstech’s Photography course and learn about using the right lenses to capture your pets from experts.

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Images source- Pet Food Ratings

Dressed-up Pets

Dress your pets like humans. Put on some clothes, maybe jewellery, put glasses and other things you think would look cool on them. Many people love to even provide their pets with not just a mattress and blanket but their room which has all the pet accessories. Join a Photography college in Hyderabad and learn to enhance your skills from experts.

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Images source- Sophie Gamand

The Unique Angles

Picking the right angle is more important than just clicking a picture. Your photo should have a factor that others do not and that is possible when you experiment with different angles.

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Images source- Pinterest

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