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3 Interior Design Styles from Different Countries

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People style their houses according to the climate, culture, availability of home décor items, space and so on. This is why every country has its own unique concept of interiors, which cater to their specific needs and requirements.

You must have noticed that in the western countries, most localities have houses that are similar in appearance. Similarly, different countries have a particular way of designing their interiors that brings out the taste and lives of the people.

In this article, let us learn about 3 most popular and trending designs that are popular across the world. People draw inspiration from these décor ideas every now and then.

Scandinavian Concept

This is a Danish concept that gives an aura of warmth. These interiors are usually in white, off-white or beige colours. The pieces of furniture used here, have a unique shade of brown. The Interior Designing institutes include this concept in their curriculum to explain the white theme for interiors.

Japanese designs

The Japanese interiors are famous for their simplicity and calmness. The houses here are well maintained and furnished in a neat and sophisticated manner. Every object used here, has multiple purposes. If you happened to watch Japanese cartoons such as Shinchan, you’ll understand this concept better. The Interior Designing colleges can teach you to change your interiors the Japanese way.

Indian Interiors

Most houses in India has a unique interior. They have a royal furnishing with a lot of cushions and a beautiful carpet. The walls are decorated with paintings, wall hangings, photographs and so on. Almost all the Interior Design courses in India teach this concept to their students.

The Indian interiors usually consists of antique clocks, wind chimes, armchairs, sofas and so on.

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