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3 Jewellery Designing Ideas to Make Beautiful Hoop Earrings

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When it comes to jewellery, hoop earrings are definitely one of women’s top choices. This comes in different designs and sizes and look great on almost face type. Another reason why it is a popular choice is that they are light weight.

There was a time when hoop earrings were only made in simple round shape, but today, there are a number of designs and patterns available in the market.

Here are the 3 types of hoop earrings that are a perfect fit for this festive season. Let’s take a look at them.

Fancy Hoop Earrings

Fancy hoop earrings are spiral in shape and have a beautiful and unique design. This exclusive design can be worn at the evening parties and functions for a trendy look. The best Jewellery Designing Classes in Hyderabad can teach you to make these designer earrings effortlessly.

Coin Hoop Earrings

Because of its antique appearance, coin jewellery is gaining popularity in recent times. The coin hoop earrings are made by attaching coins to the hoops. These coins are either attached inside or outside the ring. Now you can learn to make them on your own or by opting for a Short Course in Jewellery Making.

Jhumka Hoop Earrings

No matter the shape and size, jhumkas are always beautiful. This is a jewellery piece which can enhance the look of every woman who wears it. Attaching these jhumkas to a hoop earring, will make this piece of jewellery a perfect match for most of your wedding outfits. You can  learn to make this on your own through Jewellery Making Classes.

Are you interested in learning about the other beautiful hoop earring designs? With Hamstech’s Jewellery Courses, you can learn to make them all and get certified!

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