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3 Places to Learn Photography in Hyderabad with Nature

photography courses in hyderabad

Don’t you love Hyderabad? The magnificent city on the Deccan plateau presents a lot of exclusive natural assets that are great for a photographer to come for. The city and the many elevated areas, greens and water bodies are very much liked by the city-dwellers to go to relax and enjoy.

The natural gifts of this city are treasured by the people here. If learning photography is your passion, choose this city for its unique features like gardens, lakes, monuments and hills. Students in photography courses in the city get plenty of opportunity to practice and perfect the art in this vibrant city.

The natural features of Hyderabad are interesting. Many of these are preserved and made accessible to people to enjoy and frame into pictures. If you are training in photography classes in Hyderabad, you will get to click at its gems like Hussain Sagar lake, KBR National Park, Hyderabad Botanical Gardens, Shamirpet deer park and many more.

The city is bustling with people who bring in the tastes, arts, crafts and colours along with them. Seeking the soul of the city thus becomes a wholesome experience, especially for a photographer. There are very reputed institutes like Hamstech in the city that gives you the best training with photography courses in Hyderabad.

So grab your lens and get to the heart of the clickable outdoor wonders in Hyderabad at these destinations:

photography courses hyderabadHussain Sagar Lake

The water body that runs through the city, the lake features boating and water sports are a and has one of the world’s tallest monolithic statues of the Buddha in the middle of the lake. The place bustles with visitors all day and gives really wonderful scenic shots for the photographers.

photography courses in hyderabad

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden in Jubilee Hills is a place for those who seek tranquil. It holds the spirit of Zen in it with its simplicity. The place is designed and constructed with good amount of thought into its arrangement of rocks, the way the winding paths are set and the bio-matter used in the place. A garden that is an example of Japanese landscaping, it offers a great chance to photographers to click wonderful nature with zest.

photography school

Rocks of Hyderabad

There are quite a few locations in and around Hyderabad that feature beautiful formations of rocks. These spectacular rock formations are unique and are click-worthy. The flora and fauna around these rocky areas also make the places quite beautiful.

So what are you waiting for? Set out to explore the great outdoors of Hyderabad and view them through your unique lens!

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