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3 Simple Tips for Fashion Photography!

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Fashion photography is all about showcasing the beauty of clothes, make-up, accessories and so much more. So, it is important for the photographer to pull all the elements of the background and model together. It’s a competitive industry and requires you to have exceptional skills to gain fame and prove your worth.

You can join professional Photography classes in Hyderabad to learn how to capture exceptional frames in all fashion backgrounds. Here are three simple fashion photography tips:

Shoot in Manual Mode

Most people use a tripod during fashion photography to get steady shots. Experts at Photography colleges suggest using manual mode in this case. Shooting in manual mode will enable you to choose your own settings. This will help you get consistent exposures from one frame to another.

Get Studio Lighting Kit

People, who specialise in fashion photography, mostly use fluorescent, incandescent, LED and flash light sources. If you want to avoid the influence of stray lights on the background while shooting, place white panels between the lighting units and the background. These panels keep undesired light from the background and turn it towards the model. As a result, the backlight gets more volume.

Always Retouch Your Photos

Post-production work of the images is very important for both indoor and outdoor fashion photography. You should be able to make colour corrections, skin air brushings, remove unnecessary objects, enhance background, remove stray hair and so much more. Join a fashion Photography course to learn more about this from professionals.

Having catered to over 30,000 creative students for over 27 years, Hamstech’s Photography courses are designed to give you an insight into the industry. To build a successful career in this field, enrol now and get trained by Bollywood’s top Photographer, Avinash Gowariker!

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