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3 Unique Types of Cookies You Must Try Baking!

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Cookies are one of the healthiest and easy-to-bake snack options. Many people prefer to have this with morning or evening tea. Both kids and adults, have them simply as a snack. The best part about these snacks is that they require less ingredients and lesser time.

Join professional Baking classes in Hyderabad to learn the art of making delicious desserts and cookies. If you love to bake, here are three mouth-watering cookies that you must try:

Benne Wafer

Benne Wafers are thin, crispy cookies made of toasted sesame and it tastes like almond or caramel. Since the Colonial times, this dessert has been a specialty of South Carolina’s Low County after being brought to the colonies from East Africa. “Benne” is the other word for “sesame,” in the Bantu language and its seeds were planted throughout the southern region. Through professional Baking courses in Hyderabad, you can learn more such interesting facts about other types of desserts.

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Black & White Cookie

This cookie is popular in the New York City. They have a dry, vanilla base topped with chocolate and vanilla fondant icing. They are sold in bakeries across the city and are technically not cookies at all, but drop-cakes. The batter is like that of a cupcake, but with extra flour. This ensures that it doesn’t run everywhere when dollops are dropped onto a baking sheet.

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Fortune Cookie

These crisp cookies are made from flour, sugar, vanilla and sesame oil. These are a perfect evening snack option for kids. You can enrol in Baking courses in Hyderabad to perfect the art of making these delicious cookies.

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If you want to become a professional baker, you must learn to bake the cakes, cupcakes or cookies perfectly and learn about desserts from different parts of the world. Join Hamstech’s Baking classes in Hyderabad to and become a certified professional in just 3 months.

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