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4 Fashion Design Tips to Craft an Elegant Dress

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Women these days, love wearing dresses for special occasions. You can even don these for family gatherings, birthday parties or an outing with friends. Made from a variety of fabrics with different embellishments, dresses are a must-have in your closet.

You can choose a good quality cloth with your favourite prints or embroidery and stitch a dress for yourself. Join Fashion Design classes to get guidance from professionals and learn to craft trendy dresses, crop-tops, jackets and so much more.

Here are four Fashion Design tips to craft an elegant dress:

Wash the Fabric before Sewing

Before cutting and drafting, handwash the fabric and dry it in air. Most of the cloths shrink after the first wash, this will make your finished sewn garment unfit to wear. Experts at Fashion Design colleges in Hyderabad advice ironing the fabric well before cutting your outfit.

Cut Your Fabric Carefully

Firstly, make sure you have a sharp pair of scissors. Also, ensure that the fabric is cut on the lengthwise grain for your dress to have a proper drape and good fall. Enrol in a Fashion Designing course and learn more about cutting the fabric properly from professionals.

Iron Your Dress as You Sew

Ironing your dress as you sew is important. It gives a finished look to your garment. Iron the seams, edges or laces well, this will give it a professional finish and enhance the look of your outfit.

Maintaining Your Sewing Machine

To have uninterrupted sewing, it is essential to maintain the machine. Any problem with this can distract you, which will result in a badly sewn dress. When you work without any disturbance, you will be able to craft one-of-kind dresses with ease.

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