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4 Fashion Styles That You Should Know

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It is important to dress according to the occasion. Always remember that fashion is a way pf life and the way you dress tells a lot about your personality. With good Fashion Design training, you can design your own clothes for different occasion.

You must have heard names of different types of garments that imply fashion categories. You get to learn these in further detail at Fashion Design schools.

The clothes you wear help you express yourself in unique ways. Before you join Fashion Design classes to learn more about this, let’s tell you about 4 fashion varieties that you should know.


Casual wear is mostly about comfort. It’s a highly dynamic fashion type and is suited for all informal occasions- from a stroll in the park to a flight journey, it is your go-to fashion.

Office Wear

Formal wear need not be boring. You can pep up your formal office wear by choosing some unique personalised style. You can hire a stylist to know your perfect style.


With rich colours, patterns, embroidery and prints, exotic wear works best when one needs to pep their looks up and look gaudy. This can be your ideal vacation style.


Bohemian or Boho fashion features free and flowing fabrics. It also features layering with accessories like scarves, vests, and jackets.

What is your style? Keep experimenting and keep learning about different fashion styles until you find your favourite fashion variety.

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