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4 Principles of Art & Design in Photography

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To become a professional, you must possess certain principles that needs to be followed and a few skills to be acquired. Photography is a field that can open up a lot of options for you and lead you towards a successful career. You should have patience to use all the right techniques that could be helpful on your way.

The seven principles of art and design represent how you can use these tools to create visual art. These are balance, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, contrast, unity and movement. Experts at Photography institutes in Hyderabad say that photographers can create a cohesive image grounded in the foundations of art theory.

Here are four principles of art and design in Photography:


It is used to illustrate the visual weight of an image. Balance can either unite a photograph or create division. A carefully balanced image lends a sense of stability to an image. An unbalanced picture creates disunity or unrest.


The photographic concept of rhythm is very much similar to that of music. To introduce a sense of rhythm to your photography, try visualising musical notation. According to professionals at Photography colleges in India the spaces, correlations and differences between subjects in a picture can reflect notes on a sheet of music.


The pattern is nothing but repetitions of the elements of art and design. Incorporating them into your photography is as much about exploring as it is about photographic technique. You can try looking out for architectural and urban features or organic subjects like flowers. You can join Photography classes to learn more about this and improve your skills under experts.


Emphasis shapes the center of interest in an image. Colour, space, texture and line, work together to determine the focus of an image. There are different ways to create this in a photograph. Special emphasis involves the orientation of a subject within the photographic frame. You can focus on a single subject at the center of an image to attract attention.

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