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4 Types of Flour Used in Baking!

Flour is a key ingredient for many preparations. The selection process comes down to what is being made or if you want to add nutritional values or basically have a dietary restriction. 

It is the finely-ground, sifted meal of grains, nuts, seeds, legumes or vegetables and each kind of flour has a different nutrition profile and cooking or baking qualities. You can join cooking classes in Hyderabad to learn the right ways of using different flours in your recipes.

Here are four types of flour used in Baking:

All-Purpose Flour

All-purpose flour is used in almost every baking recipe. Made from a mixture of soft and hard wheat it is essential in baking. It is the most versatile of flours so you can make flaky pie crusts, crispy biscuits and chewy breads.

Whole-Wheat Flour 

The whole-wheat flour contains varying amounts of germ and bran and is usually high in protein. It produces heavier, denser baked goods. It is healthier when compared to all-purpose flour. Bread made from this type of flour is considered as a healthy option. You can join Baking classes in Hyderabad and learn making delicious desserts using this flour.

Gluten-Free Flour 

Gluten-free flour is available in a lot of varieties today. It is made from grains, nuts or starches. There is a wide variety of gluten-free flours available today, made from all sorts of grains, nuts and starches. A small proportion of xanthan gum maybe added to help simulate the chewiness normally associated with gluten. With Baking courses in Hyderabad, you can learn the right ways of using this flour when making desserts.

Pastry Flour  

This is an unbleached flour made from soft wheat, with protein levels somewhere between cake flour and all-purpose flour. Pastry flour strikes a perfect balance between flakiness and tenderness, making it ideal for desserts such as pies, tarts and many cookies.

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