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5 Facts About India’s Own Textile Revolution- Khadi

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Khadi is one of those textiles that have stayed for decades now. It was invented at the time of India’s freedom movement as a sign of revolution against western clothes. In the last decade, it has come back as a new fashion statement. These days, Fashion Design schools teach the students the art of creating garments from this unique fabric.

Khadi has its unique properties that make it distinct from other fabrics. If you want to know intricate details about this fabric, join Fashion courses in Hyderabad.

Check out few interesting facts that make Khadi different:

  • Keeps you cool in summer: khadi is made of cotton and is hand spun. During unbearable summers, this fabric releases heat and keeps you cool.
  • Keeps you warm in winters: there are khadis that are made of pure wool. The jackets and waistcoats made of khadi make you stylish and keep you warm.
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  • Exclusivity: what is interesting is the fact that no two pieces of khadi are the same. The artisans make sure to create exclusive pieces every time and gives you a distinct style.
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  • Eco-friendly: designers have been struggling to create garments that don’t harm the environment. Made of natural fibers, khadi produces no toxic element.
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  • Women artisans: one of the most interesting facts about khadi is that 70% of its weavers are women. The emergence of khadi became a pioneer in women empowerment. The tradition has followed since then.
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Learning about fabrics can be interesting. Enrol in a diploma in Fashion Designing with Hamstech and learn from the experts.

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