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7 Fashion Designing Terms Every Fashion Student Must Know

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An important question to all aspiring fashion designers! Are you familiar with the terms –  “lookbook”, “haute couture”, “Mandarin collar”, “knife pleat”, “dirndl skirt”? If your answer is no, don’t panic. You are not alone!


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Through this blog, we will tell you about 7 fashion terms and their meanings that you must know to enter the fashion industry. Here are some of the most used fashion designing terms:


A general outline of a garment is called a silhouette. It is the contour of a clothing piece. For example, a shift dress has a straight and shapeless silhouette.

Knife Pleat

When tight pleats are stitched at a distance of one inch, it is called a knife pleat. In other words, knife pleat is nothing but a narrow and sharp pleat that is folded in the same direction, overlapping each other.

Dirndl Skirt

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Dirndl skirt is a full, wide skirt with a tight waistline. A dirndl skirt also includes a blouse, bodice and an apron.



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Filigree is a decorative fine wire work either in gold or silver colour with small beads. This is a delicate and feminine finish popular since 3000 BC.


Epaulette is nothing but an ornamental shoulder embellishment. You can spot epaulette on military uniforms.


Gaiter is a fabric piece that is worn over the shoes extended to the knee or ankle. It is majorly used in equestrian and military for protection.


The fabric that changes its colours when it comes in contact with light, it is called iridescent. Iridescent fabric colours look different when it is seen from different angles. This term is popularly used for making party clothes.

Now you know 7 commonly used Fashion Designing terms! Are you interested to learn more such terms? Enrol with Hamstech College of Creative Education, one of the top fashion designing colleges in Hyderabad now!

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