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7 Most Commonly Used Interior Decor Terms

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If you are decorating your home, building a new house, or renovating the interiors, you definitely have to come across an interior designer. During this time, you may run into finding certain words that might seem alien to you.

Interior designers and architects use some words and acronyms in interior designing to communicate precisely while describing fabric and furniture. If you are aiming to be an interior designer or if you have just signed up for an interior design course, here are a few words you might want to learn.




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The storage cabinet in a dining room that is approximately 30-inches high where the top is used to serve food is called a buffet.



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The term contemporary style refers to the interior decors that are trending now. Do not confuse contemporary with modern. You can join an interior designing course to learn more about the differences.


Faux Finish (pronounced as “fo finish”)


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The finishing technique which involves painting that tries to mimic a different finish like a stone or leather is called faux finishing.



Laminate is an item that is topped with a decorative veneer wood. Besides wood, the veneer could also be a paper-printed pattern.



A credenza is a piece of furniture approximately 30-inches tall with enclosed storage below. It can be found in dining rooms and offices.


Wainscoting (pronounced as wainscotting or wains coating)

Wainscoting is a decorative wood paneling used on the lower portion of the wall which is usually 30 inches high and below. The main purpose of wainscoting is to cover the lower part of the walls in a house which can be affected by rising dampness.


Chair Rail

Chair Rail is a piece of moulding applied on walls approximately 30-inches above the floor. They are mostly used in dining rooms to protect the walls from chairs bumping against them. Nowadays, they are mostly used for decorative purposes. Hence these days people prefer them in other rooms as well.

These are some of the many interior decor terms used in interior designing. If you wish to learn about more such terms and explore the art of interior designing, Hamstech college of creative education should be your destination.

Having taught more than 25000 students in creative space, Hamstech’s faculty is very well-versed in academics and industry experience. Hamstech stands as a true visionary in Hyderabad’s interior design industry and ranks as one of the top interior design colleges in India.


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