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All About Photography & its Need in Today’s World

All About Photography & its Need in Today’s World

As technology is advancing with the change in time, people are becoming more equipped with different gadgets. In every field, advanced technologies are introduced every day resulting in the efficiency to work. The same is with photography. The introduction of new cameras and lenses can capture every detail which human eyes cannot capture. With UV, infrared and radio waves, a camera can capture anything and everything. This has led to the immense craze among the people today. From a teenager to an adult, everyone tries to show off their photography skills on social media by capturing animals or sunrises and sunsets. 

Almost every individual tries to buy a good camera phone like iPhone, one plus, oppo, vivo and many others to get some really good photos.

Photography has now become a game-changer. With everyone taking an interest, it has become famous instantly in a short time. People who were first doing photography as a hobby now started taking it as a career option. But there is a need to spread awareness regarding this. To become a professional photographer, one needs to understand the importance of a photography course. During a photography class, one can learn the right techniques to click a photo. The technique is a much-required thing in the field of photography. Without knowing the right technique, you cannot kick start your career.

So what is photography? It is the art of capturing light and still life to create an image with the help of a camera. It is the art of observation, you must seek especially in the most ordinary things.

Like every other equipment has its history, photography also has its vast history.

All About Photography


The first permanent photograph was captured in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in France. Niépce’s success led to several other experiments and photography progressed very rapidly. Different types of plates were also developed to improve photography in the mid-to-late-1800s. Photographers used various types of chemicals to experiment with different techniques.

History of Photography

Photography was first done by professionals until the first camera was launched in the market for non-professionals. Kodak was the first camera launched by George Eastman in the 1880s. He invented the camera with a single small lens. No focusing adjustment can be done on this camera. This camera had a flexible roll film that did not require constant change.

After this, there were a lot of developments in photography and cameras. The invention of compact cameras increased the interest of casual photographers. With time these cameras were immensely popular and became everyone’s favourite in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This camera was capable of making image decisions. Professionals and serious amateurs continued to prefer this to make their adjustments and enjoyed the image control available with SLR cameras.


Digital Era in Photography

Many inventions and developments took place in the late 1980s and onwards. Because the more popular this field was getting the more necessary was the development. Many manufacturers were trying to invent a camera that can store memory digitally. The first camera in this field was point-and-shoot. This became more popular than cameras with films.

In 1991 Kodak introduced the first digitally advanced cameras that were suitable for the professionals. Then other manufacturers started manufacturing SLR (DSLR) cameras. 



Seeing the passion for photography among people, there increased the need for Photography Courses. A beginner’s Photography Courses can be beneficial in inculcating the basics of photography in you. Just having the DSLR camera and knowing the features is not enough. You have to understand everything about photography as a budding photographer before moving to the next level.

Photography classes are not just meant for learning the art of shooting images. Skills like post-processing are equally important. Even if you happen to start photography as a hobby and have already clicked many photographs, still you mustn’t miss the photography course. You get to explore more about the photography aspect in this course, something which you have never known or heard about. This course is not just meant for anyone who wishes to click images. It is for those who want to explore their passion and enthusiasm for photography.

A photography course is where one can explore the post-processing techniques by focusing on advanced compositions that are beyond everything you learned through scrolling the internet and watching the tutorial videos.

Many colleges offer online Photography Classes so that you can follow your passion more conveniently. You can learn all the techniques anytime, anywhere in your comfort zone. Some people apply for these Online Photography Courses because it’s their dream. They might be learning a different genre and take these online classes simultaneously to follow their passion.


If you keep searching Photography Courses near me then you should join Hamstech. With an experience of over 28 years, it is known as a pioneer institute. 

Through our Photography classes you will learn all the right techniques to click perfectly-timed photos. Enrol now and get a chance to get guided by Bollywood photographer, Avinash Gowariker!

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