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Careers to Choose in Jewellery Designing

jewellery designing

The cut, design, and spark in a jewellery are worth admiring. If you take a closer look at a piece of jewellery, you’ll know the effort that goes into making it. Every piece requires the same level of attention, detailing and design in order to get a flawless result.

The art of jewellery designing has been practiced since ages. Precious jewellery has always been termed as a smart investment. Today, the jewellery industry is booming and there’s a growing demand for trained individuals.

Over the years, jewellery buyers have increased and so have the job prospects. Jewellery designing is an affluent career, the growth and scope in this profession are tremendous. This makes it important for every aspiring designer to pursue a detailed jewellery designing course.

Here are few interesting career choices in jewellery designing:


Fashion Jewellery Designer


jewellery designing course


Your job as a fashion jewellery designer involves tons of creativity. Right from sketching out an idea on paper to its final look in a showroom is what makes this role challenging. As a designer, you are required to be technically aware with the latest software so you can create flawless designs.

In a jewellery design school, a detailed course in Computer-Aided Fashion Design helps students visualize and alter designs, thus making designing quick and convenient. A fashion jewellery designer you are expected to keep abreast with the latest trends too. You need to constantly take inspiration from movies, magazines, shows, celebrities, etc. so you can implement the same.


Accessory Designer


jewellery design school


Accessory designing involves conceptualising, creating and designing accessories for jewellery stores, movies, events, shows, etc. Accessory designing is a very interesting field as you have the freedom to design anything from an earring to an elaborate three piece necklace. You may also have to design jewellery based on specific themes and people.

Customising jewellery is trending and designing according to a customer’s specifications is important.


 Jewellery Designer Consultant


jewellery design classes


A jewellery designer consultant basically gives suggestion about how and what type of jewellery to pair with an outfit. Other than designing, a consultant is also required to have knowledge about various metals, gems, and stones. In jewellery design classes, a detailed study on metals, gems, principles, and elements, etc. are taught.


Job in a Museum


jewellery making classes


If you are interested in the history of jewellery, then you could join the museum as a jewellery expert. Having knowledge about ancient jewellery is a great way to revive your skills.

In a Jewellery design institute such as Hamstech, history of jewellery is an important topic as it gives a complete knowledge and understanding of jewellery of long ago. This knowledge is helpful when it comes to designing individual pieces as most modern jewellery are inspired from there.




Jewellery design institute


Gemology is an integral part of jewellery designing. It involves an in-depth study of gemstones. There’s a lot that goes into studying gemology. As a certified gemologist, you’ll be able to distinguish and evaluate between genuine gems.

A gemologist also has to interact with craftsmen on a daily basis. This exposure will help you implement your knowledge with top jewellery brands.


Educational Institutions


jewellery design hyderabad


As an educationist, you would want to spread your knowledge and skills to as many students as possible. Jewellery making is not only a technique, but also involves fascination and interest for learning this art. A jewellery designing course is a step-by-step guide that aims to develop a student’s’ designing qualities.

Therefore, as a jewellery designer, you must not only know designing but crafting, moulding and identifying. This career requires a high degree of dedication and commitment. Jewellery designing also involves the knowledge and use of various tools and equipment to craft jewellery pieces.

Understanding the market, identifying clients, ideating on ideas are all part of a jewellery career. The demand for fine quality and unique jewellery has increased. There’s also a great demand globally for skilled jewellery designers.

If you are not very confident of starting a business, you can become an apprentice with a top brand. This profession can help you achieve your dream job and apart from the above career options in jewellery designing, working in antique houses, auction house, precious stone consultancies, mines, etc. So here you have a vast career choice.


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