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Difference between Interior Designing and Interior Decoration

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In an interior designing context, space can be classified into commercial and residential. In both cases, the focus of space building is essentially about ensuring 3 factors: purpose, functionality and appeal. Interior designing encompasses the concepts and practices that realize the fulfilment of these 3 essential factors.

The uniqueness of a spatial design comes from the approach, creativity and imagination of the designer. Spatial design involves 2 processes, namely, interior designing and interior decoration. They determine the effectiveness and aesthetic appeal of any building.

For a layman, understanding exact definitions of interior designing and interior decoration may be inessential. But for those who are contemplating a career in interior designing, it is necessary to understand the difference of being an interior designer and interior decorator.

In an interior designing course, the focus of training is on making spaces functional and rendering spatial appearances creatively. Learning the technicalities in interior designing helps understand the difference between the roles of an interior designer and an interior decorator.

The Activity

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Construction activity requires an architect who comes up with the building plan and visualisation of the edifice. When buildings need to be made with a mix of inspiration and creative planning, the interior designer steps in.

The architect and the interior designer, in their own capacities address similar requirements viz. creating space, bringing a healthy atmosphere, complying with safety standards and making the space functionally optimised.

An interior designer understands the building plan and makes a design that conforms to it. His basic concern is to ensure that there is enough provision for effective lighting, sound and other essentials. He suggests adding, changing or removing elements from the basic construction. This is to ensure that the features he want to implement in the structure are applied. He ensures that the building gets ready with its well-set functional elements like furniture, lighting systems and landscapes. These shall be present in a way that matches the vision and requirements of its users or residents.

An interior decorator comes into the picture after the construction is materialised. He understands the personality and style of the residents and creates the whole visual concept that reflects those traits. He enhances the look and feel of the interiors by employing his skill at colors, decorations, furniture design and other fashionable additions. He concerns himself with aspects like flooring, furnishings, colours and accessories that are important in a renovative or decorative context. His work does not affect the structural properties of the building and hence, has only a superficial effect.

The Qualifications

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It is totally justified to doubt why you find more interior designing courses than interior decoration courses that amounts to a certification.

The reason is that interior designing is a profession that needs professional training and hence certification. An interior designer may also need a license to practice. He needs to be aware of building construction codes and laws governing structural safety. He works along with the architect and plays a crucial role in the way a building finally gets constructed. Interior designers learn topics like psychology of space, behavioural science, CAD, space planning and furniture design.

Interior decorators on the other hand needs no certification and qualifies mostly by his own ingenuity and creativity, which he may enhance with some professional training. Besides, unlike an interior designer who’s trained for both commercial and residential projects, a decorator may choose to work on both or any one of them.

The Job

Group of Interior Designers Working Together

An interior designer makes elaborate plans and designs for room layouts. He plans interior features like natural light provisions and workspace distribution. He could function as a professional or have his own business. In any case, interior designer stays involved in a construction project from start to finish.

An interior decorator deals with matters like decorations, furniture and upholstery. He can be a freelancer or be hired by an interior designer. In fact, an interior designer himself could work as an interior decorator.

Getting certified as an interior designer at a reputed interior designer institute is vital for one who is planning a career in this field. Hamstech, with its decades of experience in interior designing education, is a choice to reckon with for a bright future.

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