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Fashion Design: Learn More About Surface Ornamentation

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Surface ornamentation adds immense beauty and enhances the look of a garment. The main idea of fabric decoration is to add an element of interest. The most common materials used for surface ornamentation are mirrors, beads, sequins, threads, wires, buttons, etc.

Surface ornamentation is a skill. It has been practiced in India since centuries. Every region in India is known for its own style of surface ornamentation. For example, Gujarat and Rajasthan are known for mirror work, Punjab is known for phulkari embroidery and so on.

Learning surface ornamentation in a fashion design course can help you create exquisite designs. It is one of the best ways to express your love for art.

In this article let us understand the different types of surface ornamentations.

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Embellishment on Textile

When one goes back in history, one can actually trace the existence of surface ornamentation through the clothing and apparel of the people during that era. Articles of daily use such as bed covers, table cloth, jewellery box, footwear, etc. were embellished with precious stones and thread work.

The kings, queens and other people from the royal family dressed in heavily embellished garments. Garments that were embellished with precious stones and metals were status symbol.

If you are one of those who admires embellished artwork and would like to learn it as well, you can join a fashion design institute. A design institute is an ideal place to hone your skills.

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Surface Ornamentation on Decorative Art

Embellishing was not limited to only fabrics, it was done on the surface of leather, wood, metal, glass, etc. With every generation devoted to the art of embellishment, it only got better.

Various types of embellishment techniques and styles were used to get wonderful results. Techniques such as embossing, cut-outs in lace, etc. were the highlight of a garment. The most common motifs used in surface ornamentation were peacock, elephants, birds, flowers and abstract designs.

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Types of Fabrics for Surface Ornamentation

Velvet, silk, satin, georgette, chiffon, etc. were some of the most common fabrics used for surface ornamentation. Beads, pipes, zari and zardosi work with gold, silver and copper threads gave a rich look to the garment. Mostly the necklines, hemline and sleeves were highlighted with decorative work.   

In a subject such as fashion design, understanding the nature of the fabric is very important. This ultimately decides what kind of surface ornamentation suits best.

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Often monuments, paintings and artwork have served as sources of inspiration for designers. The use of metals, gems, embroidery, etc. is what makes every garment exquisite and gorgeous. Many times, designers have taken inspiration from their everyday life to create unique designs.

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Fashion Designers

On a national level, designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Neeta Lulla, etc. and on an international level, Alexander McQueen, Peter Pilotto, Roberto Cavalli, etc. use lots of surface ornamentation.

Surface ornamentation will continue to be the highlight of every garment. Embellishments on garments and apparels will never go out of fashion. So, take inspiration and keep designing!

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