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Fashion Design Lifestyle: Life of a Fashion Designer

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The fabulous life of a fashion designer; how fascinating! But if you care to keep a professional perspective, fashion design has a lot of opportunity that you have to reach out for by meeting the challenges with passion, perseverance and hard work. Here, we will attempt to get a picture of the typical life of a fashion designer.

In the highly happening world of fashion designing, there’s a participation of many individuals like fashion designers, models and stylists. They put up a coordinated show that brings the latest and trendiest styles from fashion houses of all sizes. From designers who work independently to those who work at fashion houses, the job profile has everything to do with creating an entire line-up of conceptually innovative and fashionable garments in a collection.

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Fashion designing courses not only train the student in everything from drafting to draping, but also expose him/her to the practicalities, professional responsibilities and expectations that have to be met with. This mode of training is emphasised in Hamstech Institute. The faculty and mentors and their guidance in regular academics and fashion events give students the experience of the entire process from design ideation to the sale.

Waking to Work Early

Different stages of fashion design need different levels of involvement, which means that the day could start quite early for a designer and end very late too. The hours of work will include the time the designer spends on research, ideation of design, visualising and sketching among a host of other tasks.

Organize the Tasks

With a plethora of tasks to be handled, organizing and sticking to a well-planned routine for a day is necessary to keep the sanity and realizing work as planned and scheduled. The designer could get busy in tasks like selecting the perfect fabric for the garments, buying accessories and embellishments and even making necessary documentation like specification sheets.

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Handle the Communication

The fashion designer could also be in charge of connecting with a number of professionals including models, stylists and event managers in case of fashion shows. With models, the best fitting garments for them will have to be finalised and stitched to specifications. In the case of an event like a fashion show, the coordination with event-related professionals like stylists and stage designers may also be handled by the fashion designer if the agency he/she works for is a smaller one.

In bigger fashion houses, the fashion designer could get to travel to meet fabric manufacturers and attend trade and runway shows to assess and evaluate the latest collections and trends. The dynamism needed is exceptional and professionalism expected is high.

From one collection to another, the life of a fashion designer is a series of challenges and tasks that only a truly dedicated professional can handle with vigour. The creative and fascinating life of a fashion designer is also a tedious and strenuous one. And this is important for every budding designer to be well-prepared in the course of his/her training.

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