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Fashion Design Tips: The Coolest Ways to Wear Casuals

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Having a wardrobe full of casual wear only aggravates the need to have a good understanding of pairing them. It’s also wonderful to have clothes that can effortlessly transition from casuals to evening wear and vice-versa.

Keeping versatile clothing always saves your day. With these simple fashion design tips, you can rock your look in casuals.

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Mix and Match

Think about all the light and bright coloured clothes you have in your wardrobe. Mix and match bright, light and contrast colours together. Try and work out a combination that’s unique. Among must-try colour combinations are beige and orange, yellow and green and yellow and dark blue.

Those of you who would like to learn more about colours and colour combinations can enrol in a fashion designing course too. Such a course would give you a complete knowledge of fabrics, colours, cut and patterns. You would also get to learn how to style them!

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Layering is the key to a stunning look. Long flowing skirts with crop tops and a long cape come across as a well-assorted look. If you decide to wear a monotone, say a red or yellow jumpsuit, then you can add a layer of beads or just drape a bright scarf around your neck. A cropped jacket in a solid colour would complement the look.

There are many people who learn in-depth about fashion styling in fashion design classes. Being a part of these classes gives a complete understanding of what works best in clothing.

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Adding Twist to Your Basics

Blue denim, white button-down shirt, skirts and top are basic casuals found in every person’s wardrobe. But the trick here is to add a twist of style and colour to create an interesting look.

Accessories are the best way to add a twist of style to your casuals. Jewellery, belts, clutches, scarves, jackets etc. help in adding a lot of style. So if you are wearing a white shirt with denim, put on funky jewellery or a metallic belt.

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Choose a Dominating Colour

Colours play an important role when it comes to dressing. When you dress in casuals, make sure there’s at least one dominating colour. Two or more colours would bring down the look. Mostly primary colours work best when used with light colours. A dominating colour could be seen in your footwear, jacket buttons, jewellery etc.

Sometimes, basic understanding of fashion comes from fashion designing institutes. Learning from a renowned institute plays an important role in career building. As a designer, you need to know the intricacies of designing as in when, how and why certain colour or trend may work or fail. It is from here that we learn, develop and enhance knowledge in fashion.

With the above basic fashion design tips, you can easily transform your casual wardrobe into an interesting one. All you need to do is pair your casuals keeping the colour balance, patterns and design in mind. These tips are hence simple and can be applied without too much effort.

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