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Fashion Designing Guide: Fashion by Body Type

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How do you choose the best garment to wear? Are you often dissatisfied with matching readymade garments to your body size and type? Ask a fashion designer, and he/she will guide you into a very reliable manner of making a choice of attires. Here, we will discuss the same.

To decide what suits you most, you need to know what your body type is. Body types are the basic shapes that human body takes that can be categorised and referred to while determining the best choice of garments. Students doing fashion designing courses know that these body types are different for men and women. For women, they are:


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Apple type: Simply put, these women have broader shoulders and bust compared to their hips. Their limbs are slimmer, and they look heavier at the top. They should choose flowy tops and structured jackets that highlights the broad upper body. A pair of wide legged pants or boot-cut jeans is recommended for them.

Pear type: Pear shaped women are broader and heavier at the hips and the thighs. With narrower shoulders that appear sloping, they look pretty curvy. They should wear layered tops that reach either above or below the widest part of the hip. They should wear pants higher on the hips.

Rectangular type: These women have shoulders, hips and waists of nearly the same size. They should avoid wearing shapeless clothes. Tops and jackets with belts and three-fourth sleeves are good choices. A-line skirt is a great choice for bottoms. Low or middle-waisted pants also work for them.

Hourglass type: Women with hourglass bodies have same-sized shoulders and hips, while the waist is smaller and more defined. Draped dresses, like sarees, are very appropriate for them. V-necks for tops are highly recommended. They can wear single-breasted coats or other form-fitting tops and jeans or trousers with a little flare at the bottom.

In fashion designing, even men have their body type classification.


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Triangle type: Men with triangular body type are larger at the waists and hips compared to other parts of their bodies. Tailored clothing, especially blazers and suits, work best for them. Using vertically striped shirts shows a slimming effect to the upper body. Jackets with structured shoulders suit them well.

Inverted triangle type: These men have broader shoulders and it gets slimmer to the waist. They are often noticeably muscular too. These men can wear horizontal stripes on their shirts. Slim-fit shirts are best to show off their physique. They should wear straight-leg trousers, preferably with checks or other patterns. Skinny jeans will also look good on them.

Rectangle type: These men have their chest, waist and hips of the same width. They have a straight torso too. They should layer their shirts and choose round necks for their tees. Structured jackets are recommended for them.

Oval type: These are the stocky men, with their middle torso wider than shoulders and hips. Shirts that are fitting but not trim fit are good for them. They should wear loose pants to their comfort, preferably with pleats. Jackets can be single-breasted, dark coloured and tapered.

Trapezoid type: These are men of average build. Vertical stripes on shirts will make them look taller. They should choose form-fitting clothes and avoid baggy trousers.

In fashion design training, the reference to body types are important and is pivotal in designing garments; especially bespoke ones.

In fact, anybody can use these information to check on their own body type and garments that suit them. Make the most of it!


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