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Fashion Designing Guide: Introduction to Fashion Tourism

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The usage “dynamic duo” indicates a great combination. It is true when it comes to Fashion Tourism which is in simple words the travel that people do to indulge in different activities related to fashion.

Fashion tourism is basically understood as shopping tourism, but it is more than that. You might think that the ultimate goal of fashion tourism is to plan a trip to Paris or Milan to buy some expensive dress or clutch from premium stores like Prada or Louis Vuitton.

It does not always have to be that way. Checking out fashion magazines, finding clothes on fashion streets, visiting fashion museums, learning and observing trends in fashion designing in various places, attending fashion shows etc. all can be activities around fashion tourism.


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Many people go to different places just to explore the fashion of that particular place. These kinds of trips present an opportunity to wear clothes which are not staple in your country or home town. It is also a way to change or update your closet.

Fashion tourism has been accepted to such an extent that many top colleges for fashion design take their students to different places on fashion tours. Through this, students learn a lot and get inspired from the various fashion trends in the world.


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Designers from top fashion designing colleges say that these kinds of fashion tours will help students to create unique designs and thus set new trends.

Europe is a treasure trove of fashion trends and a great destination for fashion tourism. Stellar fashion shows like those happening in Paris, Milan, London etc. happen in an extravagant manner every year. Such events are not limited to European countries, as there are many other countries like Africa and Japan that host such fashion events. After all, fashion is another prominent field for a country to showcase its people’s talent.

In an elaborate definition of Fashion tourism, you will see that it is divided into three different sectors namely, Creative tourism, Cultural tourism and Shopping tourism.


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Creative Tourism


Creative tourism is a type of fashion tourism where people visit places to attend fashion shows.


Cultural Tourism


Cultural tourism is where people visit various places to learn about their culture and way of dressing and draw inspiration from them.

Shopping Tourism

Shopping tourism is where people visit places just to enjoy the shopping spree.

Knowledgeable members of top fashion design colleges say that fashion is a global industry that attracts a lot of trade activity. Fashion tourism is hence considered a domain that attracts lot of attention in terms of business and leisure. There is a large population who spend a lot to consume fashion.

Fashion tourism involves a rich interaction between destination marketing organisations, trade associations and tourism suppliers. As a result, these countries use indigenous cultural industries to develop tourism and to boost their economic fortune to position themselves well in the global market.


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Fashion tourism is a wonderful activity full of thrill and inter-cultural exchange. Your experiences from it will help you to develop a unique sense of fashion that will enrich your personal style.

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