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From Student to Professional: A Student’s Life Cycle at Hamstech Institute

Hamstech institute

Many students when the first walk the halls of a design school have only one aim in mind, to be a well-established designer. As a designer, your job is to design and bring life to your designs. It may be a dress, a piece of jewelry, sofa or a portrait shot, but the process is the same. You have to spend countless hours learning the basics, perfecting an art, following the rules and then creating your own.

Aside from the formal education, these are the few things you are going to learn as a student of Hamstech institute.


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The world of designing is creative and very tough competition. Self- branding becomes essential if you want to be noticed by designers when they come scouting for talent. At Hamstech institute, faculty are well trained to notice your special qualities and to enhance them to further your dreams.


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Recognizing raw talent is one of the key areas where Hamstech institute focuses a lot of its effort. We all know skills can be taught and polished but talent one must simply possess. Realizing what a student is naturally talented in and harnessing it, provides them with game changing career options.


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The Backup Plan


No matter how much talent you have, it is important to acknowledge that sometimes your plans may fail. Along with professional training and business education Hamstech also trains its students to explore multiple areas of career in their own field. For example, with a fashion designing course you can become a fashion designer but you also have options of choosing fashion styling, merchandising, fashion journalism as your career too. Or a jewelry designing course can open avenue like costume jewelry designer, CAD lecturer, gems trader etc.


After polishing your talents and learning new skills at Hamstech institute, I want to tell you what all avenues will open for you as an ex-student.


fashion designing colleges


Career opportunities after fashion designing colleges:


With our fashion designing training, the new entrants of the industry can gain enough exposure to establish themselves as a Retail Buyer/Manager, Retail Merchandiser, Textile Designer, Visual merchandiser, Magazine Journalist.


interior designing course



Career opportunities with interior designing course:


Hamstech’s interior designing course curriculum enables our aspiring designers to transform into an Interior and Spatial Designer, Exhibition Designer, Production Designer TV/ film/ Theatre, Furniture Designer, Graphic Designer, Upholstery Designer or a proud business owner!


jewelry designing course


Career opportunities with jewelry designing course:


At Hamstech, our jewellery designing students stand a chance to become a Jewellery Merchandiser, Casting Manager, Manager in Museum and Art Gallery, Gemstone Appraiser, Auction House Cataloguer or an Entrepreneur!


photography training courses


Career opportunities with photography training courses:


Hamstech institute trains its photography students to secure positions as Television Camera Operator, Press Photographer, Photojournalist, Advertising Art director, Film/Video Editor, Magazine Feature Editor or even an independent freelancer.

Hamstech institute paves a way of perfect transition from a student to a successful professional. With interactive education, practical application of each subject, internships and job placements, the experience of studying at Hamstech institute is quite fruitful.

Your passion and determination to follow your dreams will be your companion on your journey from first day to design school to first day at your dream job.


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